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A Prison of Time

A letter I am dedicating to myself; if I ever found myself derailing my path of light in my life. Reminding why I started this journey in the first place and how with in time I can create my own prison.

Ironically any form of punishment on this earth have dominant factor of time.

Time is a never-ending punishment.

Mind; whether it be law, old age, disease, or stress, depression or any form of uneasiness in your life, it all comes with requirement of your time to process it.  Time is the only one thing that can make everything bearable, but in a way itself; time is a never-ending punishment that bounds you on this earth to bargain your life.

Let me tell you how?

Society says that ‘You have to give it time to let it happen’, or ‘only time will heal or tell’. Time is the one thing that we all don’t have actually; the dominator is that you bargain the one thing you are on credit in your life. In a way you have to serve in your own prison for a certain amount of time over the choices you made.


Time is unforgiving and relentless, if you once start to rely on time to process your emotions; it will shred you into pieces, i.e it takes a long recovery from any amount of disease, injury or emotion, mental stress or anxiety or depression. By the time you are back on track, you have already misses so much in life.

Without serving the time of your imprisonment you cannot just quit it. It is a consequence of your choice of intake.

If you put something (drugs/poison/emotion) in yourself it will turn up with side effects. Why do you choose to give up one certain thing in your control (your coherence, your happiness, your joy) over something that has no certainty (time), doesn’t it mean that you are gambling your life over the one thing you aren’t even sure if you have. So why?

If only humans understand that they are on borrowed time on this earth, every single moment in their lifetime is there is on credit over something that’s not in your hand.


I question that if someone himself is inflicting poison on his DNA by going in Emotions (Apathy-Grief-Fear-Lust-Anger-Pride) or EGO, the uptake of it is that it all last a certain amount of ‘time’.

When you already know that it is poison for you and it will disturb and disconnect you for atleast 6 hours, so why do you want to still stay in such a prison?

This is my reminder to you about Inner-self

For all of the people who are aware and holding on their awareness; know that your inner-self was the one to wake you up. It made you realize the precious time you have taken; to make a change in your life for a greater purpose. So just know, that you can take more time to be selfish once in your life; so focus on yourself.

Stop torturing yourself over something your family, friends, spouse, siblings’ teachers, colleagues or society did; it’s their choice, it’s their health, it’s their problem. If they did you wrong; at least don’t wrong yourself, your body; your peace or your mental and heart coherence.  


If you spend precious time on being in self-guilt, self-anger, or self-depression or even self- complain, Ego or pride, grief or fear; you are at your own loss, no one can change the fact for you that you will serve the punishment of losing your most precious moment, most precious Breath; that is NOW over something that’s not in your hand.

No one is worth sacrificing your light, or all of the aware choices you made yourself. By removing all of your beliefs or cleaning your DNA. and by becoming a better person every single day, but your inner-self has been all along with you.

You cannot walk back to the the path you have so deliberately crossed

it takes a million in one person to actually wakeup and realize who he is, how much worth able he is and how much powerful his change can be for people around him. If it weren’t for your inner-self, things would escalate to be in minus in this world. Your change contributed in the coherence of earth; we don’t want to lose you. You have come on this beautiful journey of change with all of us and it wasn’t all for you to return back; maybe there wont be next ‘time’ for you to return back to this (wake) light and find love for your own self, or maybe find your inner-self. Don’t give your inner-self the punishment of prison-time over things that make you uneasy.


Just commit; Anything that makes you uneasy; shouldn’t be part of your life. Anything that walks you towards uncomforting  path, you are not cut for it. You my dear you are a high maintenance person; your peace can cost millions of people love in this world, this MOMENT is all you have to CHOOSE.

In your struggle; all these years, you didn’t realize that your inner-self is your love, your friend, your energy, your companion without any expectation. It has been in your worst; made you into your best self today. You cannot betray yourself.

You my dear repeat after me, ‘I forgive yourself for bringing myself to the brink of losing you (my innerself, my light)”.

And Voila.

It’s a new Change.

You are a new You.

All is done, it doesn’t exist anymore, Everything is waaaaahhhhh (English translation: it’s a wonderful Life)

P.S: GRATITUDE to Creator and my Master; this knowledge is ever expanding, gifted to me out of love back 10 years ago and since then I have practice all of these lesson to be what I am today. In this LIGHT of Creator, I realize everyday something New, and that is the best part of my Life.

©Mindmasked 2021

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