January 10,2016

Human being is a form of light travelling from far distance, in the course of billions of light years, when the Creator said, “Be! And it is”*, but when light strike on this opaque surface (earth), it got FROZEN in its state.

It reflects upside down in the Mind eye which create the belief that what can be seen is real but that’s simply how everything feels touchable or else it’s just particles which can be passed through like dust.

Human at first might not understand it clearly as his MIND has already clouded his ‘being’ by encrusting him with “belief” that makes him believe “this entire world is real because he can touch it”, but when he believe that he is trapped into the bottomless darkness, a trap of Mind. What it actually does is, it creates the realm of imagination into realism that all human have created into themselves to not see the fact that no one exists here. (More like living into the virtual reality of a programmatic matrix of world).

But what happens when a national gets stuck in a foreign country and he is unable to explain what his purpose there is because of language barrier? To resolve this, authority calls consulate to bring someone to talk to him. The medium they talk is their native LANGUAGE.

Similarly in the case of HUMAN BEING; Human body is actually a patent of this earth but his beingness (Spirit) is one who is sent down from a different planet (so it’s proven that Human-being is also an alien who has come from a different planet – HEAVEN). It is what tells him that he is stationed here and he has to find the way home, which is the real purpose of his life. Spirit is ‘in search of a way for its return’ before the authorities (nature) try to ship him (human body) on their own. (Meaning time gets up and the Body dies before spirit find agent to give him a ticket to return home, and he is stuck forever).

This LIGHT is the only medium that brings human back to its beingness. It is the language of being, and it is the only sources which can unfreeze our FROZEN state with another touch of fresh Light, through A MASTER.

The catch point in this case is; Human of the human-being is the “radio” and being of that human is “the antenna” that catches the frequency of its Creator. So the line that connects the human to his home (Creator) is the “being” (state of Spirit) in him. In reality human has forgotten (lost) the frequency onto which he has to attune his radio on – at this earth to be connected to his original Home. Human can only identify this darkness of “Beliefs” when he once again remembers the language of “LIGHT”.  And to do so he has to FIND THE MASTER.

Question is: How can you learn something when you don’t know? It is not true that you do not know the LANGUAGE of Light, but instead you knew it and now you have just forgotten it.


When a baby is (born) first stationed on this earth his spirit knows the Language of light, no matter what skin color he has; everybody adores him, (it’s the being, everyone spirit loves). He sees the world through those big goofy puppy eyes and has his own language in which he laughs. But what makes him forget the language of light are BELIEFS and as beliefs starts to activate in his DNA, he starts to forget his reality and learns that these emotions and beliefs are automatic part of “LIFE” (which is not).

Up till the age of 6, this child is a recorder which records information all around him; here he is activating and making new beliefs because his parents try to teach him to forget “receiving his feed from his planet” by trying to fit as a puzzled ‘belief’ of the society because that’s what they only know- as their beingness gets lost in the start of their lives by the hands of their parents”.  When beingness gets lost, the conduit (radio) gets rusted and block- that he is never being able to catch that frequency back to return to HIS home.

It is so hard in the eye of the mind to accept that human are all nothing more than a FROZEN LIGHT (as he has forgotten his language),

So do you want to originate yourself from a frozen state into the beingness to return to your own destination?


*in Surah Baqarah it says, “The originator of the heaven and the earth. When he decree a matter, he only say to it; “Be! And it is”

P.S: GRATITUDE to my father and my Uncle (barayji) and I surely miss his teaching and whatever I am is because of his knowledge what it was gifted to me (free of cost) the last 4 years ago and in the last two years I have practice all of these lesson to be what I am today. I realize my mistake and when I got LIGHT, it was too late.
©Mindmasked 2016


  1. I would like to appreciate your efforts that bring really nice work and also engage all people here to take optonpurity for share their views

  2. Saba Alam says:

    Well put! To live is to let the creator live as we are all the light of the creator!
    Thank you Allah sub an wath Allah!

  3. Saba Alam says:

    So well put!
    I was a vessel created by the creator a vessel full of light and then I got trapped in my mind by the world. My candle went out but by the blessing of the creator Allah sub an Wath Allah I was given a gift of a mentor who has lite my light again and the beacon of my soul is once again shining bright. Like a light house beacon I am guided to the light and polished like a great ship.
    So blessed thank you to my amazing mentor!
    Thank for sharing this!

  4. If mind is clouded with beliefs, all things he touches appear real and he is trapped in darkness, a trap of the mind.Imagination into realism that are reflected by humans not seeing the light.
    Some believe a spirit is always present in our beingness . The light of humans is always near the Spirit.
    It is said that light flashes before the one who is about to die and when he passes the spirit leaves his body to join his Creator.
    A newborn child I believe has inherent spirit, how it is directed is simply up to human parents with no faces (rare) who will teach the will of the Creator and continue so even if the young child starts recognizing beliefs.

  5. The Light between us is a captivating article. It does fascinate me how the Master knows when the individual wants to come back to the light. It also shows me how devoted most of you are to be in Light of the Master.

    1. mindmasked says:

      Yes Susan, you are no different than me, your being illuminate the same light as Mine. The Light of Creator. That means if we are made up of Light our source of Energy is Light itself.

      NOW SEE IT THIS WAY; when a child is small and he has no teeth, but he can eat food, how is he feeded ? HIS FATHER first chew the same bite and then give to the toddler. Similarly this Light Is difficult for us to swallow. And hence the master is out father who chew it for us and then give it to us. So that we can swallow. ☺

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