October 3,2015

Momin = Faithful
(An Aware human being)

Imagine human body as a car and the spirit (as its driver) that is sitting behind the brain (the steering wheel) reading the soul (full of manual) while mind is the stick shift to drive car, its fuel is (oxygen) taking breath. Human (car) starts only when spirit (key) is inserted into body (car ignition) at the third month of pregnancy when the heart starts beating. From then the spirit know how to drive the body.
This whole is ideal State of  a “Momin”.

But what happen once the baby is born?

It gets polluted by smoke and dust which gets embossed on the stick shift as numbers (like beliefs in the mind) as a manual transmission; for foreign invaders (emotions) sitting in the brain to steer the body; according to norms and beliefs to function in the society.

Non Aware is full of beliefs. Shift to Awareness become a Momin

Society is built up on the stories made up by mind; turned into beliefs. It is explained as If the car isn’t in the correct hand-lever of gear so it cannot run properly; as the car tries to lower its speed to 20 mph in 3rd gear; it starts to jerk or it pushes its speed to 60 mph in 3rd gear; the engine starts knocking and gets heated up. This is similarly like society rejecting those who recognize the masked life it offers.

Society  just wants all the human to stay non-aware about how he is disconnected to the Creator himself. The mind is a prison that donot allow non- aware human to escape. This is the reason that human body jerks (get ill) – like that car in the wrong gear – because it is designed to be connected to the Creator. Being disconnected from the root, the human become Non aware and eventually gets sick. This is where he starts takes the Capsules of AGFLAP.

Who is Non- aware human?

As a new born the human being is a just like a blank slate and by time living in society he gets to learn on how to become a masked person to survive in the masses. This human is called Non-Aware, but those who can actually see behind the mask; turns back to Awareness.

So when does human turns back to Awareness (become Momin)?

When the spirit is driving the car; it becomes Human being (Momin). As simple as that Adam did not feel any emotion of fear when he tasted the forbidden fruit up above, but he was sorrowful for his action when he was sent down to earth and then only he seek forgiveness- (GRIEF EMOTION) and with emotions he becomes a simple human body controlled by two basic instincts; to survive on this earth and to reproduced.  [where as the Quran itself says (English translation) “Mayusi Kufur hai” that makes him NOT MOMIN anymore]

This explains that emotions are the like residents of earth and when human beings are sent down; they get invaded and controlled by emotions. Here is the tricky part that mind is a story making machine which writes and over-writes creating beliefs; that is installed by the society in a new “sent down human being”. The beliefs from the minds’ of parents, relatives, friends co-workers and teachers when whispered to a “sent down human being” is actually polluting him/her. Here the Quran itself says that

“Say: I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind,

The King (or Ruler) of Mankind,

The Allah (for judge) of Mankind,-

From the mischief of the Whisperer (of Evil), who withdraws (after his whisper),-

(The same) who whispers into the hearts of Mankind,

Among Jinns and among men. “

That is the reason Prophet SAW said “This world is a prison for a momin and a paradise for the unbeliever” ( yeh dunya momin kay lie qaid khana hai).

©Mindmasked 2015


  1. I was just looking at your MIND MASKED website and see that your website has the potential to become very popular.

  2. Well said. Ask for forgiveness before it is to late my brothers and sisters. I always told myself that I don’t want to be a human being but I forgot there arr two kinds of human beings. The sinners and the believers. I want to be a believer and I hope allah swt sees me that way.


    1. mindmasked says:

      The best thing about ALLAH subhanatallah is that his door is always open. ” either you can enter it from outside or leave from inside” it’s just one second decision that makes you “believer” (momin).
      You cannot bring the last breath back but you can always gratify for the breath you have. So live in NOW and you are believer..

      Thank you for your appreciation as well.

  3. Farida Shahab (COTHM) says:

    Well done Samia. Well written.
    Loved it. Very mature writing. Very good
    Mind opener as well
    It’s a very common suppressive attitude of our society.
    But its tough luck for them
    When Allah makes our ways, no one can stop or suppress us.


    1. mindmasked says:

      Thank mam. Dominance runs in the veins of our society and suppressing others only tell they were once suppress.


  4. sultana Ahmed says:

    Well said……

  5. Sarvech Ahmed (Lawyer) says:

    In my world (field) laws of empathy so not exist. BELIEF isn’t a shadow but it’s the strongest existence of us all. YOU underestimate your surrounding.

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