January 08, 2016

The beauty of answer is to ask the correct question and it mere a revelation to have something to ask.

Society is a momentous entity of human life that is based on the centrifugal force of beliefs, whose purpose is to keep it revolving at its own axis. The stored codex of information in human DNA acceding from its forefather is the only reality of his existence. ‘Human’ is a pre-programmed monopoly, scampered from a long time, and its ancestry have already been lost in the history. It is just like, human acts on momentum with no other explanation of its remains. And to which he is unable to answer the question, he name it as “UNQUESTIONABLE” thing.

The stumpage of these beliefs has been trampled so deep into human DNA that human analogy of living throughout the world is being rested based on them. It can be easily explained with equivalence of left or right hand driving worldwide; that countries such as India, Pakistan, SriLanka, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Wales, Honk Kong, Great Britain drives on the left side with right hand drivers, whereas Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Iran drives at the right side with left hand drivers. This is a thought provoking creed that no one has distinguished to its basic root.

The real reason behind this build up is based on the way swords and guns were handled in the older times. It is as simple as that; those countries in which stealth was wore on the left side – sword was drawn from the right hand explains that they were all right handed – they used to step up their horses with the support of left side so that they could have full control over their right hand while fighting. When they used to hold the reins in left hand they usually keep it to the left side of the pavement to have attuned control on their weapon and like-wise it was for guns that were worn on the right side and drawn from the left hand.

This analogy of the “past” has determined the biggest of the standard all over the world that is based on the preferences of the forefathers of these countries. Reality is that unconsciously, the mind has trained the human to follow these beliefs that are recorded 1000 years ago in his DNA so discreetly that they became unquestionable; for human is programmed to follow in the footstep of their ancestors.

What really is unsettling is “what is our identity then”? Have we ever thought this way that “like every day WE struggle to figure out what is right thing to do, similarly our forefathers might have been in this situation just like us?” and just like WE sometime choose the “not so suitable” choice at that moment, how can we be 100% sure that our forefather have done the right choice that we are following it with close eyes?

Human is nothing more than a puppet with no choice of its own, it is attached with the string of the past that he never made but which he lives in everyday , he follows blindly in the footwear created with the grizzle and sparkle beliefs of his forefather, and up till now he haven’t gotten a CHANCE to breath freely as a HUMAN BEING.

human follows blindly in the footwear created with the grizzle and sparkle beliefs of his forefather
human follows blindly in the footwear created with the grizzle and sparkle beliefs of his forefather

Human lives the same life over and over again just as his forefathers have. He is born, he gets educated one way or another, he runs after the cache called “money” to set up his life, he need money to make his own house, to have enough to afford a wife, then he go (buy)find her from a market of delicate options everywhere, after close inspection he finds the best piece the it has to offer, he then plans to have children to which he repeat the whole cycle so he can provide them with the same necessity as of his forefathers.

There is nothing new in the life that “SOCIETY” leads. S.O.C.I.E.T.Y is nothing more than, “Shallowness Of Cultural Ideas Enough to Trap You”. People find it honorable to follow the norms of the society that is made upon the beliefs of thousand of many “crowd” of families following in the footwear of their ancestors.

Everyone is trap in their own mind which have encased human to live a life which is NOT HIS OWN, along with forcing the next generation TO DO THE SAME.

“We cannot leave the religion of our ancestors”-Abu Jalh Society


Checkout: How these Surnames such as Siddiqui, Farooqui, Usmani, Syed were created?

P.S: GRATITUDE to my father and my Uncle (barayji) and I surely miss his teaching and whatever I am is because of his knowledge what it was gifted to me (free of cost) the last 4 years ago and in the last two years I have practice all of these lesson to be what I am today. I realize my mistake and when I got LIGHT, it was too late.

©Mindmasked 2015


  1. Isabelle says:

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  4. Naveen kumar says:

    Realy amazing article, this article tells us that this is a trap . . .
    Our ancestors made it for the society to our profit…..
    But a thing before 800 years and now in 2016 . Has been changed….
    Truth never changed but it also transformed from one state to another state like energy..
    No one can create it and no one cN destroy it..
    Society ,.. beliefs….. control……DNA….. mind
    The question is how can we set free us from these beliefs…. so we can find a way……….
    What if one day we will find out … that our lat belief was easy and good for society
    and What we have chosen is not a right way….
    But there is no backup in life again…..
    For example….
    Ramayana has been written by maharishi valmiki…..
    Once he was a murderer. He killed people and looted them. He was very notorious as a unglimaar daaku….
    Once a group of sadhus was passing from the jungle. He stopped them by force sms started to loot their things….
    When he tried to kill them… they told him..
    Please do it but tell us a answer of our question.
    He told ask your question
    Sadhu- Who Will be responsible for you crime and deeds after your death or in the end of your life
    He replied my whole family have share in this loot so they will also be responsible and they will share my jail or my hell or faasi…
    They ask him…. have you ever ask them about this….
    He replied … no
    Then please go and ask….
    He tied them with a rope and went to home.
    Soon he returned and he was looking very sad…
    They ask him what happened…
    He told them that family was disagree with me…
    They told me that you do this crime so you are only responsible for this … we are not…
    After that day he left the way of crime…
    And soon he wrote a book called Ramayana…
    Question is what if he would never meet with these savages or never listen them…

    1. mindmasked says:

      You are 100% true. Do you see here that Creator has given light to everyone, all it is there is a chance to take it. And it takes 1 nano-second of decision to take that decision and stand to it.
      Let me share one of the example myself:
      caliph Umer (R.A) when at the time of prophet was a non-believe and he was the biggest of enemy who was in his way to behead prophet. Met few Muslims on the way who asked him: You are going to kill prophet to first see in your own home.
      When he went home he saw his sister reciting Quran. First he got angry at her and all but when she said that : you must read and understand the Quran. He said: read it to me. So she said go have a wadu then we talk about it. He came and he read and then he understood.
      He who was the biggest of enemy turned into the biggest of friend and he was the caliph next to prophet.
      NAVEEN do you see it’s all just about realisation. Where there are darkness of beliefs there is light as well. And that light come from inside you. The creator calls you and once you catch that calling all you need to do is hold on to it and he will make way for you.

      Once you realise that; your prior record will be erased even from your DNA, like it would have never happened. Inc you take that belief out. And you are filled with that LIGHT.. all you need is to know that you stay in NOW moment.

  5. Very nice article
    What you have written is mostly true for muslim countries where it seems we are frozen in time.Evolution has bypassed us,leaving us little changed from what we were say 1000 years ago. But if you talk of western societies,they have seen major upheavals. Today they have different production relations in terms of economics, role of religion in their society,cultural beliefs,attitude towards sexuality and their work ethics than they had 500 years ago. So,yes we have failed to keep pace with time and our dna has accumulated much new information and we still follow our forefathers in every aspect, fully unaware of current trends,challenges and futility of our deep entrenched beliefs

    1. mindmasked says:

      Thank you chief, for encouraging my work. it is reality that human donot want to leave its past behind just so because he has to question on everything that has been full of meaning all his life. The lesson here is that all he needs is to take a single decision in second to change his life.
      Change start with yourself First

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