Words = World

Part 2


January 30, 2016

The is nothing called disease, rather it is actually “being” of human at “dis-ease”

Words are predicament capsules of energies that are the real destruction of human being. Mind is a cabinet filled with these capsules (VOCABULARY), sorted out in six Giant Bottles arranged in the letters of A-G-F-L-A-P or bottles named Apathy-Grief-Fear-Lust-Anger-Pride. Basically these bottles are made up of emotions and each capsule (word) kept in it; swiftly get that energy recorded in it, while the top most shelves is filled with the seventh Jar named “COMPLAINS”.

Mind is your enemy
Apathy-Grief-Fear-Lust-Anger-Pride are the emotions MIND serves YOU in life. How do you want to be POISONED?

MIND is controller of HUMAN, it prescribes human with each capsule for a disease he does not have. It is the reason human being is being poisoned. Mind encounters a situation; he opens up his forefathers’ record from his DNA and checks what emotion has recorded that scenario (like with what emotion his forefather reacted in this situation). If it shows that his forefather was given the grief capsule, mind will automatically select sadness sicken words from “GRIEF” bottle and once the human think let alone speak those words, that exact situation gets recorded in his DNA with a Grief label on it.

Poisonous DNA makes human sick and but BEING at Dis-EASE
Poisonous DNA makes human sick and but BEING at Dis-EASE

For example; when a person do not like a particular vegetable, and he is served by let’s say a friend over his house, the mind will prescribe the complain capsule (mixture of words) to rectify that situation with internal crying, “Why do I have to eat this? Why do this vegetable even exist?” but he will try not to say it in-front of his friend because it will not look good (so he put up a masked-face), but if the same vegetable was served to him by his mother, the mind would have prescribe the anger capsule which will automatically express words such as, “don’t you know I hate this food? Or “why do you have to cook this for me, you know I don’t eat this.” Similarly if it were his father who were sitting on that table with him, his mind would have prescribe the Grief capsule, yet he would have eaten it but his all thought were focused on, “how much he dislike to eat it.”

This explains that mind prescribes emotion only on the base of masked-faces, such as Anger pill in front of mother, grief pill in front of father, complain pill in front of friends and teachers while pure disgust pill in front relatives.

But what happens when wrong medicine is taken in the body?

The body automatically starts to reboot the system by sometime adhering fever to flush out the side effects of those pills or even continuous intake of a particular capsule can cause long term disease.

For example when the mind prescribes the Anger capsule or a person cabinet is filled it anger bottles more, automatically an enzymes starts to build in the brain which directly falls onto the pancreas which as per isn’t important part but it is the only organ which could not have a transplant surgery or have tissue rebuilding science till yet. So when that enzyme constantly drops on pancreas (if anger capsules are taken) begins to damage pancreas and this way it stops to make insulin. That the reason why people are diabetic, their minds are filled with anger (ridden words) capsules, or they were angry nature people in their lives.

Human Vocabulary stale the Human DNA which causes DIS-EASE
Human Vocabulary stale the Human DNA which causes DIS-EASE

See there is no disease in this world; it is only result of wrong prescription given by the mind.

When a lot of people say that they have diabetic family history, understand that they means that their forefathers’ minds were TOO used to prescribe anger capsules to themselves and when this same action is shared in his DNA, which means mechanically once he got an anger capsule (words) filled bottle in his cabinet (vocabulary), that will automatically activate that DNA and the likelihood of creating that particular enzyme will be 50% more chances.

Just like the Anger capsule, COMPLAIN capsules have a dangerous side effect of CANCER, a disease in which death will only bring peace, because complain is one thing that cannot be finished until and unless the person dies. So when a female is used to self-prescribe herself with COMPLAIN capsule (in form of GUILT), she upsets her DNA which automatically calls out cancer to sweep her pain aside, mostly in form of breast related issues such as lumps and nerve damage. While the males who digest complain capsules more often get stomach related issues, such as ulcers and upsets.

Another case is of, “Pain experience during menstrual cycle” worldwide by the females, is actually a dis-ease which females start to experience after the oppression by the time “Queen of Sheba”(Queen Bilqees), who was a female ruler. (The sudden upraise of male rule through deceiving the female power) or the victimization the females had to bear or roistering they had to endure was treated by the “GRIEF” capsule among all of the females by their mind. This pain was then recorded into their DNA and when majority of female start treating this belief with grief, so automatically this experience got updated into the HUMAN DNA.

This is also explainable with the verse 80 of chapter 26 in holy Quran;

“when I am sick it is he who cure me.”

This explicitly says that when human gets sick, not that Creator made him sick, when the mind prescribe wrong capsules makes being at “dis-ease” and that is what makes him sick.

But do you know what the cure here is?

JUST to realize that what belief made human take which type of capsule? Once that is revealed, all that is needed is to erase that belief and throw away that capsules (words) from your cabinet (vocabulary), and never store it again so that mind can self prescribe it and poison you.

Human trap in capsule


P.S: GRATITUDE to my father and my Uncle (barayji) and I surely miss his teaching and whatever I am is because of his knowledge what it was gifted to me (free of cost) the last 4 years ago and in the last two years I have practice all of these lesson to be what I am today. I realize my mistake and when I got LIGHT, it was too late.

©Mindmasked 2016



  1. I do love your Article. It opens my eyes to a broad spectrum of possibilities. I see what you are saying, and your words about DNA factors into much of the article, I do know that some Diseases are not easily erased. The Mind can not take serious illness away by taking control of mind. If that were the case, we would all be jumping around into old age without ever suffering, and Doctors would not be needed.

    1. mindmasked says:

      Susan you pointed out the perfect example. I thank you for that.
      When human shut of his mind and become an award person automatically there no disease exist anymore.
      To give you prove if that, imagine why people of earlier times were all crossing 100 years of age. While now the average age of human is 60-80. The reason is water level inside human. If you remember I asked that what the comparison of 75% of body composition is measure too?
      Answer it as the 75% equal as 75% of earth composition.
      point is the more you take stress which reduces your water level fuelled by emotions to dissipate them in thin air by spoiling your DNA.
      Water also have DNA. That way emotion is poisoning you and when your water start stale, you ‘re sick.

      Try checking out Dr. Masuro emoto work. And how negative words spoil water. Imagine you spoiling your DNA for all your life. How much water is left inside of you?

  2. Saba Alam says:

    Well put!
    But is it really suffering or is this the mind going to AGFLAP “why me”, yes your right we need to move forward and every event is learning point though most ae not learnt due to our creation of AGFLAP.
    And remember the larger the test the great the reward after each night there is sunshine with this everything has purpose and if we can learn to flow like the sea then we will get to the purpose of our being.
    Thank you to Allah sub an wath Allah and to a great teacher for making me realize my mistakes.
    Thank you for sharing this!

    People will use and abuse but at the end are you in AGFLAP this is what makes you.
    Remove yourself from the physical man mad life and live through the being the mask comes off of others so quick that you realize what doesn’t break you makes you stronger and bring out a light in you that you never thought you had to lead to the path you were meant to be on.
    I am blessed I have experienced this over and over but have always been saved do to the creator Allah sub an wath Allah allowing me to have teacher who always protects me! THANK YOU!
    Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Remy Siddiqui says:

    One of my favorite Article 🙂
    It actually helps me when i get caught in these “dis.eases”
    Mostly when i go into grief and eventually start complaining to Allah. 🙂

    1. mindmasked says:

      Thank you, even for one moment you got awareness, that’s all it takes to get out of Mind.

    2. Omar Ahmed Siddiqui says:


  4. sultana ahmed says:

    I am speechless after reading this lovely article and its definitaly an EYE opener for everyone who
    read God bless you and give you strength and energy to write more and more

    1. mindmasked says:

      Thank You, Mam.Its your prayers and Love that keeps me reminding that how much this LIGHT is important.

  5. Omar Ahmed Siddiqui says:

    This is What peoples are Suffered from, now a days. You nailed it.

    1. mindmasked says:

      Thank You Omar for your kind words. This is reality.

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