22, December 2015

Human Software is just a “Driver” that has different functions all basically to survive in society.

Suppose Human Being is a designed computer which has an installed operating System -Windows (spirit), the “Core” processor with intelligence (soul), the Motherboard as “Mind”, the CPU as the “brain” and the body with hands and feet as the “desktop, mouse scanner”.

But the only difference that makes Human a living thing and computer a non-living object is:


Computer or human has a control center known as CPU or “brain” which stores all the memories and facts and figures and even Emotions as well, but the main wrongdoer is the Motherboard or “Mind”. Mind act as a communicator between computer hardware, CPU, RAM itself and it is actually a “whisperer in the heart of the Human Being”.

See “Mind” has allies with everyone in the Computer world, and as we know “jack of all is a master of none”. This mind is the real trouble-maker of the human body. Mind or Motherboard installs “Drivers” as software in computer (human) to function accordingly to the society. This software of drivers is filled with malicious bugs like ants are called “beliefs”.

Actually these ants are so small and clever that they have invaded the human (computer) and that is the reason “SOCIETY” exist, because belief pressurizes the human to fit into a system in the name of religion. Exemplary society is nothing more than these bugs (ants) because they very well explain two lessons of society: colonization and consistency.

NOW question is “how are belief made?”

Beliefs are made up from SIX “masked faces” like ants are made up of six legs; when attached to its body. These six faces or legs have deadly “fasteners” at the end of them which works like a USB cable. These cables transfers all the data from the “masked faces”- already stored in the DNA inherited from his parents – making a new belief in that newborn human (computer) that these software drivers “beliefs” are necessarily required to survive into this society.

  1. Beliefs have a principle of “colonization”. Imagine if beliefs are marching in a uniform line toward a place. One by one, they all are carrying some pieces of mud/ information so together one over another and slowly slowing it makes up a bigger mud mound with a volcanic cavity inside, these mounds are called “termite” which is like a CASTLE for these beliefs otherwise known as masked-faces”.
  2. Beliefs (ants) are very much consistent in nature. These bugs are so goal-oriented that their least objective is to at least crash the human system; and while doing so internally, they create a parallel illusion of the human life called “Society”, based entirely upon the Locks of “LIKE/DISLIKE”. So that human do not get aware that it has been corrupted. It refrains human (computer) to be so dependent upon these bugs that without beliefs, human is like a drug-addict without its drug.

So Beliefs is in cyclic pattern that all the humans are stuck into and IT IS MADE WHEN: Society provides 6 masked faces (in DNA) with corrupt recording in it which will eventually create a bug that will damage the human (computer) to compose a crooked mask for him to wear in front of people, why? “To Look Good or To Avoid Looking Bad”.

Question arises now is, “How can beliefs be remove?”

Just like an antivirus or an anteater, who puts down his trunk into the termite and immediately, sucks all the ants out in one mouthful of air, so when all of  it had been sucked out the masked face, get vanquished into ruins.

This Anteater is the beingness already (built-in) in the HUMAN BEING as Windows (spirit) as operating system in the computer which keeps tabs on the “Mind”. When any human is ready to quit the trap of these beliefs then all that’s needed is to look upon the MIND before it tries any new belief making.


©Mindmasked 2015


  1. I think this is awesome in its own meaning.

  2. Michael says:

    Beliefs like virus, Nice analogy.

    1. mindmasked says:

      Thank You dear.

  3. Saba Alam says:

    WOW! Congratulations!
    Well done! What you are on the inside is what is reflected on the outside. No mask, no two faces looking good or looking bad. What you see is what you get!

    My realization today is that once you let the creator or your begin be one and remove yourself from your beliefs= mind trap things work out for what you are meant to do as you are truly letting the creator guide you to the path the he has created for you. Last night I was restless, I thought I was released from my mind trap= beliefs, I had a review at work and everyone else was saying this and that again two faces making me wear a mask that was imprinted on me by the outside world. My review thank you to Allah sub an wath Allah was great! I didn’t have review I went in and I hand in a manner a management meeting! WOW!!!
    If you truly let your self be removed from your mind “beliefs” which is struggle even now as the mind loves to trap you every second, as in this moment my mind is playing the game of second guessing myself, you let your being connect to the creator or more specifically leave the man made DNA. Things unfold in front of you that you could not imagine!
    Thank you to the creator Allah suban wah Allah!!!!

  4. Susan Thompson says:

    I seem to have lost my way, to where to reply. I just read about the Computer and the Motherboard. How very true your article is. We are as a society being invaded by ants and termites. We know it, we see it and the mind has a hard time fighting all the influences and degrading material accessible to anyone. We truly are the victims of an invasion. Our society has become used to it unfortunately, but far from it being correct. How do we control our minds to separate between the vultures who prey upon us and those times, we want to reach a friend, relative, or other important person in our lives. We need to weed out the corrupt from the good on the Motherboard so that are minds do not rely on so must discontent. Susan

    1. mindmasked says:

      Thanks you Susan for these lovely words. This corruption can only be removed by catching your beliefs.

  5. Well put, an insight full article.

    1. mindmasked says:

      Thank you mam,this is how our being is infected with malicious bugs called beliefs. see how much this is infected and how muchalready has been gone stale inside of us.

    2. mindmasked says:

      Thank You Mam, it is indeed belief that has made us belief that w all existence here, rather we dont know if we do exist here.Belief is a really big illusion and hence its hard seeing behind then for a non-aware person, as he so much as that donot want to leave his fantasy world.

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