October 1,2015

An old game we have all played in our childhood “standing in front of two parallel mirrors where we can observe multiple reflections of ourselves” – consider these reflection as the disguises of mask we put on and suddenly we can be see them as a different entity standing in-front of us. So which is real face of us?

Similarly in world, people are all drowning in a scattered mess of disguises such that there comes a time that they aren’t able to recognize which is real face of them when looked upon mirror. It comes as natural with age that a new mask is developed as a new aspect of the personality they have grown to be. These masks are actually born by invisible barriers inside the minds as known as beliefs.

These masks make people apply profit or loss statement to their lives. If someone is beneficial for them, they will keep them close; when their purpose is fulfilled they move on to the next person who can benefit them. They are so caged inside their belief “to never give a bad impression” that they never try step out of their comfort zone elongated in their minds to even stand up for any truth- hence here is a mask that disguises their truth.

Disguises are particularly connivance for people to survive in this ignorant mess and its basic motto is to “look good or to at least avoid looking bad”. All their life people keep up this façade living a life of fantasy, making their own selves so much attuned to lead their lives-with imaginary model and social criteria created by the minds of other people around them as such that each person become reflection of others- they start to inhibit the qualities of “these” other people’s personality as an new face churned up in a mask of reflection. Exemplary whoever they meet, whatever they see; automatically they connect to them through emotions and similar beliefs labeling it such as compassion or empathy to understand what other person can feel. In reality when they do this they are picking a piece of them and overwriting over their own identity.

Six Masked Faces

Every person born is influenced basically by six peoples of his/her life that is instilled in his mind as the image of role model to look upon. Automatically he/her has adopted these six people faces in his/her reflections, which makes them to take actions and function in their lives. Among them are his/ her parents, family relatives, friends, teachers, work place, He/she downplay their lives on the basis of these masks.

  1. The innocent mask in- front of parents,
  2. The dull mask for relatives,
  3. The ecstatic mask in friends gathering,
  4. The respectful mask in-front of teachers,
  5. The competitive mask in front of co workers.
  6. The irritated mask for your neighbors.

Which one is the real mask?

Or more importantly which face is behind the masks?

But the shocking news is that ever those six people who influence him/her, have their own six influence faces; who guided them in this stray world of disguises. This makes about 6×6= 36 faces of each individual. And this is the reason that Hadith recalls,

“ He who recognise is own inner self shall be able to recognise his Lord”. (jis ne apne apko pehchana usne apne rab ko pehchan lia).

P.S: GRATITUDE to my father and my Uncle (barayji) and I surely miss his teaching. Whatever I am is because of his knowledge. It was gifted to me (free of cost) the last 4 years ago. In the last two years I have practice all of these lesson to be what I am today. I realize my mistake and when I got LIGHT, it was too late.
©Mindmasked 2015


  1. Saba Alam says:

    Today I had huge realization first about the many mask people wear. In today’s world you do not realize how many mask people wear and how easily you can get trapped in them, as those masks becomes your masks. When the mask is removed you are “collateral damage”, that being said at work today many revelations occurred and all day and even now my mind trapped me making feel worried and scared however this was blessing I learned four points one I thought I was away from living in “two islands” “looking good and looking bad” and second how can I truly believe I am attached to the creator to Allah suban wath ALLAh to my being if I have fear and myself do not realize that everything happens for a reasons, which is for my great good. I may not see it right now but this true just buy writing this I feel a weight being lifted off me, I am slowly becoming relaxed.
    My two other point that I learned is that the world and the mind attracts what one puts out, I allowed myself to be imprinted on through others experience and beliefs today which means I was attached to the mind and being trapped. Further, more if myself am saying I have greater purpose then things must occur to get me to that purpose weather positive or negative. And though there is no such thing as negative it is our beliefs that shape this everything is learning point to help shape our true purpose that is from the creator.
    Thank you to the creator, Allah sub an wath Allah, and my apologies I did not understand this during the day today.

  2. Naveen kumar says:

    6 faces of human in just one life,
    Really great article..
    everything you wrote here 100% truth, I agree with you
    But I have seen many people in my life
    they don’t want any change , no need for any face ….
    They behave everywhere equally
    .. in front of their mother, in front of colleague, in front of friend, everywhere…..
    May be they know the truth or may be they don’t know the truth.
    I asked to one of my friend khemsingh …
    Why are you behave equally everywhere
    You should change something………….
    Then he replied I am happy with my one truth of life I don’t want to be change for this fake society…
    People have many beliefs and they never wants to leave them…
    People follow them in their whole life without knowing what is the truth and what is false.
    Your wrote about belief and fake identity…
    Both are same ….

    Thanks for this great article with a truth…

    1. mindmasked says:

      “But no, by the Lord, they can have no (real) Faith, until they make thee judge in all disputes between them, and find in their souls no resistance against Thy decisions, but accept them with the fullest conviction.”

      Surah nisa verse 65. Notice there it says resistance.. these resistance are called beliefs.. and any person who have belief is no having real faith.. making him a masked face person..a hypocrite.. and that what makes the society.

      Naveen you are absolutely correct that people don’t want to change.. because kind offers such luxuries that they don’t seem to deny them. People are prisoner to their own mind.. and that’s why they are never sincere in their life..

  3. Saad says:

    The truth is that from what I think that our true face lurks in our subconsciousness and is the one we are afraid to let out because we fear being judged.

    1. mindmasked says:

      Yes you are absolutely right Saad.People are trap in the handcuffs of “looking good and avoid looking bad.” thats why fear is the only darkness or else when there is no darkness it’s only light.. The light of knowledge of ALLAH..


  4. sultana Ahmed says:

    Masha a Allah very impressive article. I 100% agree what you have written.
    We are living in a fake Society where people wear lots of Mask. Keep writing such beautiful articles.
    God bless you.

    1. Mindmasked says:

      I feel so much happy that my readers do have an open mind. Thank you mam for your kind words.

  5. mindmasked says:

    People keep masked faces because they feel it is convenience to show what other whats to hear. Despite the truth they want their image to be looked as the good as it is possible. This is reality of the society

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