This series discuss how each human is Masked Face on individual level. These masked Faces are in fact part of every human life, but to out grow then and lead a successful authentic life is main goal of Mindmasked.

It also specify how a human behave when he is trapped into his MIND and how is the personality of NON Aware Human beings created. The sub-series explore how human DNA records all of human beliefs, which LIMITS him from achieving what he wants to achieve. Thus making him unhappy and unsatisfied with his life; to which, later articles also explain how human can clean his DNA to create a connection with Creator (Source of Light) to lead a successful life.

Article # 1: “Masked Faces”

Published on: 1st October 2015

Disguises are particularly connivance for people to survive in this ignorant mess and its basic motto is to “look good or to at least avoid looking bad”.

Article # 2: “False Identity”

Published on: 28th November 2015

Human is a jigsaw puzzle that is programmed by the “mind” which is loaded with the beliefs in the activated state; prior recorded by his parent’s inform of experiences in their lifetime that he gets through his DNA.

Series 1: Human Masked Faces - Mindmasked.org
human follows blindly in the footwear created with the grizzle and sparkle beliefs of his forefather

Article # 3: “Forefathers”

Published on: 08th January 2016

Human lives the same life over and over again just as his forefathers have. There is nothing new in the life that “SOCIETY” leads. S.O.C.I.E.T.Y is nothing more than, “Shallowness Of Cultural Ideas Enough to Trap You”. People find it honorable to follow the norms of the society that is made upon the beliefs of thousand of many “crowd” of families following in the footwear of their ancestors.

Article # 4: “DNA Speaks”

Published on: 08th October 2015

The concept of DNA writing is understandable such as; you recorded a piece of information into an USB. Now you rewrite it with newer information every month, time after time it is assume that that first information bit written in it got erased but in the layers of re-writing; it is still present in the bottom. Until and unless someone know how to retrieve such data from inside, it is far long lost forgotten.

Article # 5: “Master”

Published on: 25th November,2015

The mystifying part of creation of UNIVERSE is that “only two words has sum up the whole universe, nothing more.”

It is far beyond science comprehension; when clusters of steroids clashed together, it created the BIG BANG -a giant cosmic force of magnetic energy to collide together- in just result of two words “be, it is” (kun fayakun).

Image result for river quote rumiArticle # 6: “River”

Published on:  09th April 2016

Every human has his own river

A river (inside his DNA in literal meaning) has large dumps of many chemical barrels full of emotions. Mysterious thing in this is that human throughout his life have lived on its shore and he drank the same spike water.

Article # 7: “Clay”

Published on: 05th June, 2016

Creator created the perfect showpiece, crafted out of the best clay of earth, with beautiful ridges and curves, planted in the right place to put all the pieces together, the exquisiteness of each part, the bump of each point, the finished edges and most of all the magnificence of the Light emitting from its being, it was named “Human being”.

Attribute to rumiArticle # 8: “Feet’s of Authenticity”

Published on: 11th July, 2016

Non Aware person can only escape this cage if he start running with the feet’s of authenticity in the society because when a person is authentic he stops being masked face. Automatically he does not need to wear the cloak of darkness, his mind will get shut down, and he will stop getting trapped in between the island of rightness and wrongness.

DNA is activated by LIGHT

Article # 9: “DNA Activation”

Published on: 21th January 2016

DNA is activated by Light.

Every emotion is charged with energy that gets recorded in the human DNA, which are the base of making – memories – incidence upon which he acts further similarly in his life. These memories get settled into DNA which automatically activated those beliefs in him and after a certain age it is impossible to record anything more and it shuts off, whatever is activated will remain activated and that’s will be how a person personality shall be; for the rest of his life.

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