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Those who hide things are the part of society just like Abu Jahl who was a “Kafir“, who said “yes MUHAMMAD you are right but, I cannot leave the religion of my ancestors”

Society is a mass of minds that sits together at a coffee table and decide the norms to make other follow. It is all about the “power” play, so that their (mind) seats (control over human being) cannot be harmed. Mind has captured the people in a game of “looking good, or to at least avoid looking bad” (munafiq) because if they stood for truth they will jeopardize their image.

In it come exactly six players of the chess of society. The King, Queen, rooks, bishops, knights and pawns. It is divided in two regiments; at the back-line and at the front-line.


AT BACK LINE is the King, Queen, Rooks (the plan makers)

  • The Kings of society are those minds who make strategies for convenience in the Islam so that people don’t ask and they can claim the throne – hence this way no one can harm their kingdom. What they do is a questionable example such as “there is one organ in human body (i.e. reproductive organ) that both the male and female are given on birth similarly like all the other organs. But this is the only organ which is considered taboo to even ask the questions about. The only education that is given about it, is at the night of your marriage because now you have to use it.”

But if PROPHET (SAW) explains everything in detail of married life, about marital relations, then he must have explains everything about the organ itself. In modern science puberty is at starting of teenage, for both male and female body. Thus it starts to develop and there is a visible change but question here is why hide knowledge of it at that particular growing age rather than explaining. EITHER these KINGS should have enough guts to say “ We know better and that ALLAH subhanatallah is a one big fat liar because if it were known to him that this organ must be developed at the night of marriage so male/female can use it” or THEY should have guts to say “We are wrong and if ALLAH subhanatallah has developed this organ at a certain age; now is the time to talk about it“. Since it is labeled as taboo in the society; the adverse effects are that these hormone raging teenagers are so curious to know about this forbidden topic that they go out to seek answers by watching adulterous things. Clearly this is creating mess in the society these KINGS make.

  • The Queens are those minds who work hard to make these arrangements happen. They are the linkage between all the other kings. Queen is the whisperer of ideas in mind of a King. The most cunning player of the game who can actually take over the battle but are chained to this belief; their rightful place is under the king.
  • The Rooks are those minds that protect the kings. They make path with their power and influence for the strategies to work. They can be anyone with high social security and power. They use their money to support the king’s strategies protecting it as a hidden agenda.

THE FRONT LINE: the line of the faces confronting in the society comes. It has Bishops, knights and pawns.

  • The bishops are those minds that push these strategies in name of Islam. Particularly bishop word means “scholar, Pope – the knowledgeable people” and PROPHET SAW said “in the lowest degree of hell will be scholars”*. These are the minds that preach other the twisted version of Islam that kings have created.

This is easily explained by the example of Abu Jahl (whose real name was “Amr”). He was named “Abu Jahl”(father of ignorance) because despite being the most knowledgeable person he came to prophet and said “yes MUHAMMAD you are right but, I cannot leave the religion of my ancestors. These bishops are similarly just like YAZEED “first they make the deed then they cry on it” that society has a lot of problems.


  • The knights are the fighters of the king’s strategies. Anyone who questions the system is commanded to be shot at sight. They fight for only one reason i.e. because the King says. It is similar as the example in forces (fouj): “don’t ask and just follow”. Their minds are so webbed in the strategies that they are ready to “killed or be killed”
  • The pawns are those minds that are the lab rats and monkeys of the kings to experiment on. They strategies are made for them to follow. Some pawns are the ones that get experimented on and they die out of these test one day, where as some pawns are like monkeys that they follow while being petted by the kings but when these monkeys start dancing on their head they get to die because no one should question THE KING’S POWER.

BUT the best part of chess is that “one single small powerless” pawn is the one that Stand in front of the King to protect him and he’s the only “small powerless pawn” that can go and checkmate the King.

So if the pattern of game can be understood. The functioning of society is not difficult to unveil.

*Prophet Make du’a Asking Allah to Guide one of the two ‘Amrs, “O Allah, guide one of the two ‘Amr’s”. Allah’s Messenger prayed that Allah guides one of the two ‘Amr’s (‘Umar bin al Khattab, or ‘Amr bin Hisham [Abu Jahl]).

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