October 5,2015

I think Darwin should have been a religious scholar, because then only he had failed all of the other scholars with his theory “Man was Monkey Before”

Well few days back I saw a bandar wala. The one who have a PET monkey with him doing “bandar ka tamasha”. The MAN who commanded it like ( salam karo, qalabazi kha k dekhao, fashion kar k dikhao, aisay chalo, aisay baitho, ghar mai ab rotiyan bana k dikho). We all have grown up laughing at that monkey and how he was excellently trained to do so funny things. BUT we never felt even a pinch of sadness for him, thinking that he’s a monkey not a human, what he is doing is not part of who he is, Maybe because “Man Was Monkey Before” so its acceptable that what he is doing is not remotely wrong.This was the first step of ignorance that we have learned when we were small. Point is we felt bad but we choose to ignore it by laughing it off.

Have you notice newly married couple? The husband will show how modest his wife is- dressed up in the best clothes flashing how much her husband do for her. It’s so overwhelming that young girls start dreaming that my knight in shining armor will sweep me off my feet and we have a happily ever after. In reality what she thought was glamour’s showoff is “the new in town -MONKEY show” that she is being commanded to serve what and to whom he like, she is being chained to his name that is the only reason of a roof above her head, she gets rewarded when people praise him of what an excellent MONKEY have he trained. Likewise when things don’t go accordingly to him, he’s angry. (Because that is his right).When he somehow is under pressure at work, he gashes out all his frustration at his wife (as it is her fault, puffing off as if she is a lousy piece sitting in his home and all his problems are because of her because he has to feed her). Do we dare to feel bad when he shouts at her? or maybe slap her or sometimes torture her or emotionally hurt her. Do we dare to stop him when he says “ meray ghar mai rehna hai tu meray hisab se chalna hoga,agar nhi kia tu zameen mai zinda gardonga” or “Agar buhat shauq hai meri bat na many ka tu jao gali mai nangi nacho”. Do we dare to raise voice when he says “ullo ki patti, mujhse zaban chalati ho? tumhari himmat kesi hue? Ajj bula kay tumhary khandan walon kay samne tumhara hisab kittab chukta hon”, “bulata hon tumhary bhai aur baap ko, samne bitha kay batata hon, agar nhi yeh seedhi hue tu lay jae isay yahan se”. Do we ever stop him from dragging her by hair to give the beat off she deserve? Well why do we do it? If we stop him she will become our responsibility, an extra burden for us?? NO NEED!!!

NO we don’t and we wont, because the compassion to feel what is her part, what all she love, what all she “is” is lost somewhere when she is born up in this male dominant society. It is the biggest competition of whose bloodlines are the purest to train the best MONKEY of all time, we are a machine producing female to act out “the best MONKEY show that has never been seen before”. The rest of us are being trained to ignore and laugh at monkey when they start dancing on his owner command. Think about it! Why do we even bother to want education for females in the first place when this is all she have has to do?

If this is how she was to be treated, why would it be stated in Quran “Aor apni aurton k mamlay mai ALLAH se Daro?”

©Mindmasked 2015


  1. Muhammad Taqi Raza (SZABIST) says:

    Ru trying to say ur family a bandarwala ?
    You debate with your dad at times ?
    Actually I do debate with my parents too much.
    And I have been hurt alot over that physically
    I cn feel ur pain, Damn bundar wala, Extremist
    Dude when people lack logics, They loose hands.
    Meri mom ye koi 10 saal se bardasht krng.
    Me to pichlay 2 saal se kara hu ?

    I was in national students federation . I was a devision incharge.I worked for feminism, for women rights. We have devisions of areas. Incharge control activities of that area.


    1. mindmasked says:

      Yes Taqi i am calling my family bandarwala.
      Its only not in my family but in every family, because our families are govern by the idea of “CONTROL”. If you see everyone is trap into the mindset of “looking good, and avoid looking bad”. So always you will find that most of your family matters will be depended upon “what will people say” momentum.


  2. Madiha Sheikh says:

    yes this is what society is all about especially in subcontinent
    you will fine similarities in west as well but the ratio is of less concern.

    yes this sort of violence has raised in couple of years despite the fact that we entered in tech era

    wise thought ? May Allah bless you with more knowledge, joy , happiness and prosperity … aamen
    that’s a good spirit, bring more of such pieces in the eyes of world so that people become aware of it

    and one i will add here is that you are not weak or a garbage to throw off … what you are doing is right…

    Jeddah, Stadia Arabia

    1. mindmasked says:

      Thank you Madiha for encouraging me. This is reality that i have seen when i say that Bandarwala controlling that pet.. it made me remind the of how or lives are being ruled as.

  3. Francesca Colella says:

    Well domestic violence is never ok, especially between parents and children. That is such a difficult topic; my mother was an alcoholic and abused me verbally and sometimes physically. Yet God calls us to honor our parents so for a while I asked God what he meant, how I could honor my mother for all she did to me. And He showed me that sometimes, the best way to honor them is to get far away from them so they don’t do any more damage to you, but still to find it in your heart to forgive them for what they have done even if they don’t believe they did anything wrong.

    Newark, Delware

    1. Mindmasked says:

      The unbalance of opinions and views in the any relationship is what causes the problem. thank you for your comment.

  4. Rafay (Whisper) says:

    In Pakistan women are seen as objects. As whole its a cruel generalization, but very accurate one nonetheless.

    Karachi, Pakistan

    1. mindmasked says:

      Yes, Rafay i appreciate you. Thank you.

  5. sultana ahmed says:

    I was speechless after reading these ariticles. May God bless you.So you can guide people and bring them on the right track.
    Keep writing such good ariticles, as they are Eye opening for every one.
    Best of luck

    1. mindmasked says:

      Thank you miss, i really need this appreciation. Truly when you walk on the Path of light everyones against you, but once you find out people like yourself nothing can stop you in pursuing your path.


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