November 28, 2015

Creator created the being in the “human being” and Mind created the human of the “human being”.

Being is the invisible faceless, nameless spirit” which the Creator created with his attributes and sent him down on this earth. Mysterious part is that human mind is the one which created the “image of that being”.

being nameless

This is explained with one principle in Islam, if a baby is stillborn (born dead) there is no namaz-e-janaza(funeral prayer) for him because his “being” was nameless, but if a baby died after being born; “namaz-e-janaza(funeral prayer)  is prayed for him because the “being” (spirit) in him was named.

Now understand how that “image of the being = human” is created?

Human is a jigsaw puzzle that is programmed by the “mind” which is loaded with the beliefs in the activated state; prior recorded by his parent’s inform of experiences in their lifetime that he gets through his DNA in appearance of 36 masked faces.

belief puzzel

Human has the skill to transform himself whatever he see in to be. It’s all evident in the human nature as shown in “George of the jungle” as he was brought up by gorillas or “amala and kamala” who were raised by the wolves. Here it is not the discreet debate whether it is true or not here is the science behind adaptation in human nature. It is like the people he/she is influenced, usually whether they like them or sometime dislike, he/she picks up their pieces and fit it in themselves, and acts accordingly to that. In major cases a person living in society apart from solidarity picks up each fragment of its surrounding people, this makes him as per “unique” but in veracity he is just a numinous creature of the mind with a false identity. The reality of this aspect is the supreme control of the mind over the beingness of creation.

In easy words “mind” is the greatest directors of our lifetime because it directs the human brain to play up human as a puppet filled with emotions, which screenplays back to back into the reel of “beliefs” made by the mind of others which become the reality of themselves.

That’s the reason that in the society each and every person can understand one another mentality or they can connect to someone, that because their words gets fix in their puzzle as likeness or they could not understand someone or they instantly dislike someone because their words do not fix in the puzzle, its dislikeness.

That’s so beautifully stated in a hadith:

“Every person is a reflection of one another” ( har shask ek dusaray ka aiena hai)

P.S: GRATITUDE to my father and my Uncle (barayji) and I surely miss his teaching and whatever I am is because of his knowledge what it was gifted to me (free of cost) the last 4 years ago and in the last two years I have practice all of these lesson to be what I am today. I realize my mistake and when I got LIGHT, it was too late.

©Mindmasked 2015


  1. Zuhaib khan says:

    good work i really appreciate your wisdom to research and conclude reality from a vast debatable subject. and you called “human is a jigsaw puzzle that is is programmed by the mind”. i must say not by the mind but heart too. because the creature that is only programmed by the mind i would say its angel it could not be human. and you are running with this concept here by following islamic research then it wouldn’t be complete statement. Islamic history tells us the birth of first human being, he did not taken birth in the world but in the paradise, but he had to come in this world by his mistake and guilt because he was provoked by his false desires from heart [Nafs] what came to resultant the declination of his creator’s order. and the first murder uccured in the history of human being cause of the same reason brain were overwhelmed by the heart since the human history came into existence. and this is not necessary indeed a heart falsifies every action of human it may postive and negative by it’s DNA. [Quran Majeed me nafs e insani ki 3 qismo ka zikr kiya gaya hai, ek wo nafs jo insan ko buraiyon per uksata hai, nafs e ammara kehlata hai. dosra wo nafs hai jo ghalat kam sochne ya uske amal ya bad niyyati per mamor hone hai uski mmukhalifat karta hai or insan ko us per malamat karta hai uska nam nafs e lawwama hai jisko hum ajkal ki istalah me zameer kehte hain. “sorat ul qiyamati makkiyya vol;75, tafheem ul quran”]. aur nafs dil ka juzv hai dimagh ka nahin. nasl e insani ke aghaza se nafs hi aqal per ghalib raha hai. your research is very precious but i want it to be completed as well. i hope your pen might writing not stopped. thanks alot!

  2. Saba Alam says:

    WOW!!!! So true! Have Faith and it all works out!!! Well put! Thanks for sharing. Today events unfolded and I was thinking not again why me but I am so blessed as if these things did not occur I could not see my coworkers true face and this was blessing. Any situation I am in though at the moment I get trapped in my mind=belief it always works out for the best! Thank you to Allah sub an wath Allah and my mentor!

  3. Unidentified says:

    Good work but what about heart role in human being life because Allah talha dil ka ziker kartey hain mind ka nahi like surah yaseen quran ka dil hai but Allah kisi surah ko mind nahi kehtay.jazakallh

    1. mindmasked says:

      You have just given me idea to write another article i ll get back to you in explanation.. yes Heart do play the most important part.. and then mind is defied in front of it.. you can access the heart or as being said “qalb” in quran Is the science beyond the field of beliefs and out of the holds of mind..
      THANK YOU for you question. I ‘ll reply soon with it.

  4. sultana Ahmed says:

    This article reminded me of an old Pakistani Song. Sung by Mehdi Hassan
    “jab bhee chaen aik surat saja lete haen log, aik chehre par kai chehre saja lete haen log”

    1. mindmasked says:

      That’s really amazing what Mehdi Hassan said. Human wears masks just like an onion wear each layer upon itself..

  5. Remy Siddiqui says:

    Really informative
    Answers beautifully the concept of ”Faking”
    Explains a human nature, and faces a man actually has!

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