Mindmasked website serves you a SIGHT of YOUR true self that is inhibiting YOU from Personal, Emotional and Spiritual growth.

Live a better quality of life,
stop becoming a victim of your own mind,
stop letting others SOCIETAL BELIEF control you,
make your own values and stand by it.

Become LIMITLESS!!  

You are your own UNIVERSE- Explore it!
Learn about yourself,
learn who you are,
Learn what you are capable of!

Find your passion,
Find what is your muse,
Find your inner Light!

Dive into it,
Flame high,
Burn all of the bridges behind !!

Combine your Inner-Fire with a purpose and live worth-fully.

If you are born onto this planet, let everyone know you were here.
Be Lightful, be Grateful and be Authentic.

Just follow ONE THING rule in your life,
Either learn one NEW Thing today
Remove one BELIEF* today

So that following this for one whole year your DNA will be of 365 changes .

*when you remove beliefs, Light of Creator ENTERS you.



  1. Good day especially admin mindmasked.org.
    Useful materials you have now is a rarity!

  2. bookmarked!!, I really like your web site!

    1. mindmasked says:

      Thank you Pasquale.

  3. Prateek Srivastava says:

    Only you are the writer or there is someone else too?

    It is good

    We all know the truth but the societal pressures

    Society of formed by humans… Society of for us
    We are not for the society

    Wahi problem with me
    I am not able to understand the references of Quran Like the Kafir here, Because I have heard kafir the term for Hindus in india.

    Just that I don’t have many Muslim friends in my friend list. I will tell ofcourse

    Lonavala, Maharashtra.

    1. mindmasked says:

      I am the sole writer of mindmasked. Thanks alot for your appreciation Prateek.
      S-O-C-I-E-T-Y = Shallowness Of Cultural Ideas Enough To trap You.
      because if you notice society is basically creation of human mind and human mind is governed by BELIEFS.
      Sir, very regret fully i would say that, now a days people do not stand for truth because they will jeopardize their name in society
      and this really is worst they can be.

      Basically KAFIR was being referred to the people who admit the grievances of the matter but hides it because it will indirectly compromise their status.


    2. saba says:

      Very true, though I will add to this that “society” is what benefits one, as we live in a cultural of “me”.

    3. mindmasked says:

      Hahahah, yes the one dimension of “me, me, me”. Here stands perfect the saying of Prophet Muhammad SAW “every person is a reflection of one another.”

    4. Saba says:

      As every personae is linked or in the today’s terminology we all drive from the same DNA.

  4. Francesca Colella says:

    Well all you need is the strength of LORD who will never forsake not abandon nor betray you.
    As scripture says, “Cast all your anxieties on him and because he cares for you”

    Yes I checked around the website, I always appreciate new philosophical view on life. It’s an amazing looking design as well. Did you get help or do it your self??


  5. Mahinour Tawfik says:

    May ALLAH Bless you, You explained our world and society exactly like it.

    I love love to read more, send me the links so I can check them out later to. May ALLAH bless you


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