Everyday life Realization Series 1: Human

Full Course Meal

Dated: 12 March 2024

Imagine the feeling of fullness, happiness, richness, harmony, and excitement when you lick the last scoop of dessert after a full course meal.

Such is Life –

it gives you an appetizer, the main course, and dessert. Leaving the flavors of nuttiness, and sweetness by the end; it is meant to be belly-fulfilling and thoroughly enjoyed.

Some say that the best Full-Course meal is to be served in a five-star hotel, true in reality is that they have the finest ingredients and a Master Chef who knows exactly how to enhance the right flavor with those ingredients. But if you find the REAL Master in your life; even a roadside neighboring restaurant will give you the best full-course meal in your life.

This is where life gets interesting; your choices for that meal give meaning to your life.

You can choose

  • Who do you want to dine with?
  • Where do you want to dine?
  • How much are you willing to pay for your life (full-course meal)?
  • What does it mean for you to dine at a five-star hotel restaurant?
  • What mindset and how much struggle must you go through to have that one full-filling meal even at a roadside restaurant?
  • How will you develop your taste palate to savor that full course meal?

Some people are born rich, and some are not so rich, this richness does not always account for the money or status they have in life, but it is the richness of knowledge enough to enjoy that meal. Suppose you are born in a very affluent household. In that case, you will be surrounded by the best of all possibilities and opportunities all the time, the best food, and various choices prepared by chefs developing your taste palate accordingly. Still, if you cannot appreciate your reality, you might look the part that is rich but there is no value of richness in your life.

Those ‘who are not so rich’ are the most appreciative, because they struggled hard to have that Full course meal once.

What truly matters is the choices you made all through your life to be able to enjoy that.

People spend almost a century of their lifetime in school, friends and family, education, marriage, kids, dream house, and dream car, but if by the end of their life, they do not feel that belly full of happiness after the best full-course meal; they didn’t truly appreciate life.


P.S: Gratitude to Creator and my Master for my life is beautiful, purposeful and meaningful in this Universe. For the last 9 years I am in practice of all these lessons to be what I am today. I got the Light and it made my life worth Living.

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