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Real-Life Master- A living book

Many people start their journey of finding themselves, unknowing where they will end up; what’s their destiny and how they will reach the end. This takes them many years just to find where to start. what if you find a real-life Master to guide you on this path of light?

But sometimes, there are some people in search; who have a real fire in them to know “what is their purpose; why are they here and who are they?”. They keep flashing their curiosity into the universe which lets them be noticed; thus universe approaches them in form of humans.

For these people who are seeking, you have to start the journey within yourself. At times one can think there must be someone who can explain it all to us, or tell us how to start and how does the universe works. So seek out those people who are returning from this journey, they can tell you what is like. But if you ask people who are on the way ahead in the same journey they cannot tell you the right information.

To understand the working of Universe

You must understand that there are two systems to reach enlightenment. One is through different channels of people who are under other teachers; standing at different levels and thus the ladder climbs; which is a longer route, and the other one is a more direct channel, that is through a real-life master.

Bigger question is who is a Real-life Master? before asking where can we find him?

The only difference between the ladder climb of people and a real-life master is; Real-life master is as authentic as a transparent glass panel.

If you notice the property of glass, it allows the light to travel without absorbing for itself. If glass starts absorbing the light it will change its character and become like any solid object. Similarly, when glass is treated with coats of silver or mercury it creates a reflective surface thus becoming a mirror. These are just some forms into which glass can be transformed.

Focusing that, a real Life Master is like a Transparent glass.

In contrast to the ladder of people; he has worked on himself that he is capable to allow all of the Light of Creator; the knowledge to pass onto these students without keeping or restricting it to himself. Within the ladder climb system, there is a guarantee to the occurrence that people might hold of the knowledge from you; in fear that you could surpass them if they gave you all the knowledge.

At times a Real Life Master has the ability to transform like a mirror or like a solid object in accordance with the growth of learning capabilities for his students, but otherwise, he has no knowledge to hide for himself. He is such a conduit on this earth, that if you give him respect; he is bound to bless you with his knowledge just in return. This is his form of love, a blinding love that is wrapped up with respect and trust because through his love everything becomes bearable. That’s when you surrender to Learn.

real-life master love

You can inquire such, why do one need a Real-life Master when we can find answers on our own?

The only answer is you are running against time; by the time you figure it out, it’s possible that your time is up. Why not learn something from a person who has spent his life finding out the answers; why learn something in repeat over a period of time through experimenting? What is already known and can be learned in their presence?

One thing must be cleared that a real-life master is really an open book; once he has accepted you as his student you can walk up to his life book; open it up and read any chapter of knowledge from it. All this knowledge coming from a real Life Master is a chance in his lifetime; once he’s gone, his open book is then gone. His teachings are all those which are documented in books written by his student. An evident example of Such Masters is Prophet PBUH and Mulana Rumi.

You can never have the true essence of his teaching, if not in his lifetime. So cherish the chance my readers, a bigger part of walking onto the path of Light; is the security that there is someone who can guide you all the way round-trip back, if not then go back to your sleep.

Gratitude to Creator and Master, for I, have someone to guide me into this light.

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