Life is a sport, the more you take a shot at it the more you learn.

Imagine you are playing basket ball, and your main goal is to shot the ball into the basket. There are times when it goes and there are times when it does not, but who cares? In life it doesn’t matter that whether you did right or wrong but as long as you are in the basketball court you have a chance to give it another shot.

Likewise it doesn’t matter you did make right choices or some bad ones all you know is there is always a way back to make new choices if you are still breathing. Today your breath is like your Field (football ground/basketball court), as long as you are in the field you can always make new choices.

We think that it is normal to make Mistake; question is what is a Mistake?

Mistake is nothing more that a mis-shot-taken in life (just like in basketball). This is the reason it is called Mistake and to find the right “Take” you need to know out of all the mis-shot-angles-taken at life. These mis-shot taken are nothing more then “ball shot at the missed angle in a basketball court ” because then only you will know which shot at which angle it is that you don’t need to take ever again.

In a Non aware life some days a good and some days a bad, question is what did he learn from his bad and good days?

That life is never going to Stop for anybody, so as long as you are alive you have to keep aiming shots at life. Maybe 99% of the time your shot will be mis-taken but among them there will be one time when you will succeed.

But in both cases you are a winner, HOW?

You now know 100 new ways of taking shot at life, aren’t you much better than those who are still in fear that how will they survive if they made a mis-take at life. And that fear is stopping them from starting at all. So what, you only found 1 correct way to give a life a shot but you instead know 99 ways that those shot aren’t useful and you are far more better then .

sell your biwilderment

What will be your next step?

Your next step will be finding the more 99 steps that wouldn’t work so that when you removed those angles and remaining you will know which angle to throw your shot in life.

Practice LIFE! You will never Miss a Shot ever again!

©Mindmasked 2016 


  1. Highly energetic blog, I loved that bit. Will there be a part

  2. I must say you have hi quality articles here.
    Your blog can go viral. I have a firm believe in it.

  3. Really amazing, Thanks

  4. Cubs says:

    Cannot be any better. Amazing

  5. Article on realization is excellent.
    I think in life we are apt to make many mistakes and as in the basketball court, many misses. Is it so important that we always get the ball in?
    I think not, as our mistakes and misses in life, give us the opportunity to have so many ways to correct them. We have learned realization and all the ways to not get all knotted up. As we know the way to come back and make those scores higher.

    1. mindmasked says:

      Yes Susan You are absolutely Right.

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