This series discusses when masked face people come together they make up a society and to understand the working of a society, all it takes is to study Human behavior. The inner mechanism of the society is to use control of MONEY as well as GENDER to influence their ways in the world.

The sub-series include how all of the world society’s are trapped in beliefs with the locks of Like and Dislike. (Specifically this series discuss eastern beliefs in general.)

Article # 1: “Society”

Published on: 08th October 2015

Society is a mass of minds that sits together at a coffee table and decide the norms to make other follow. It is all about the “power” play, so that their (mind) seats (control over human being) cannot be harmed. Mind has captured the people in a game of “looking good, or to at least avoid looking bad” (munafiq) because if they stood for truth they will jeopardize their image.

Image result for monkey man quotesArticle # 2: “Bandarwala”

Published on: 05th October 2016

Darwin should have been a religious scholar, because then only he had failed all of the other scholars with his theory “Man was Monkey Before”





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Article # 3: “Mulazim”

Published on: 22nd December 2015 

“Male supremacy” is a very common tier in society which people will never notice; but unfortunately it is witness in every house in the Indo-Pak culture. It runs so deep that unconsciously it has become a fashion into our lifestyle. The aim is to scrutinize the root of this belief that why males are superior in gender role to builds up the society.



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Article # 4: “Influencers”

Published on: 21st October 2015

Bandarwala’s biggest fear is to get exposed in-front of people – which make them been judged . A past full of judgement lets them become those influences who judge others to erase away their pain of past.


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Article # 5: “Facilitors”

Published on: 25th September 2016

Masked face people always play the blame game when it comes to life; they complain all the time and ask about TRUTH? According to them Society has always been a crooked place but now also the Universe system is not working right because GOD never listen to THEIR prayers. Question is if you are not happy with Universe nor are you happy with living in Society, they why are you happy complaining?

Image result for LOCKS OF LIKENESS AND DISLIKENESSArticle # 6: “Locks”

Published on:21st October 2015

Human brain is the houseful for emotions and a guard with black shades and big mustache named “human mind” who holds up a gun of “beliefs” to fire at any trespasser that tries to enter the house. MIND job is to secure the door with many locks.