Mindmasked is initiated by  “Sierra Blythe ”  with different series of articles to actually pray gratitude for the knowledge I have.

What is Mindmasked? It is a website that publishes series of articles with the idea to unveil the smoke of beliefs created in the minds to make the people understand the hidden patterns of the functioning of society. It is to observe the trap of beliefs (in disguise) encased by the human mind. How it clouded human judgment and how a human perceives things to act in a particular manner. How it downplay everything accordingly to its need to survive in the society.

Mindmasked publishes Articles by Sierra Blythe, Sajal Khan, and an upcoming new Author as well.There are many different Series of Articles by Sierra, and a blog featuring Sajal’s Articles.

A few Words by Sierra Blythe:

Before four years, I (Sierra Blythe) was just an average girl who used to see the world through a peephole of beliefs that my mind itself had created but a teacher in these four years open up my perspective of the things I see as now. I write from my lessons, and if I can get a chance again to learn then, I will not repeat that mistake twice.

I recall:

If you feel that a teacher is a


Then give up your OWN ideas


So with what knowledge I have; I find interesting individuals in the society. I can see how their mind works to gain something or how their lives are overwhelmed by their need for power or control. How people around us are carrying multiple faces to survive in the decorum of society. How much effort they have to do to keep up these faces.

There are four different series of Articles:

  1. Masked-faces Series: Articles about Human Behavior
  2. Society Series: Articles about Societal Beliefs
  3. Momin Series: Articles about “Beingness” (Spiritual Being)
  4. Mind Series: articles about How MIND works.

Writing enriches my Being, Thank You all of my Readers for giving Mindmasked so much love.

Love You,
Sierra Blythe.

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