February 23,2016.

“Non-Aware Mind” Human-Zombies

Why does our prehensile organ (hand) is multi-fingered with four fingers and a thumb?

The ideal design is made in such a way that it can hold something. Simple such as hand, Human Being is composed of multiple workings and it also stand on the same principle of holding something that is “LIGHT” within its grasp. This Light is travelling from the time of the BIG BANG when the creator said, “Be, It is!”

These Five multiple workings (in human being) are also divided such as hand. How?

The four finger are indeed the actual functioning part of Hand, whereas thumb that is as per different -yet it is needed to grasp- is a part of hand.

In the same way Human Being division is explainable; its four operational elements are Spirit, Soul, Brain and Body, where the thumb here is the “MIND”. This Mind is different yet it is needed to function the human being.

Since human part of “Human-Being” is of physical world, and being part of “Human-Being” is of Spiritual World; MIND is the connecting dart between both the worlds.

MIND is both Enemy and a Friend of Human Being.

Mind will both take you back to LIGHT, so can withdraw you from LIGHT. It is HUMAN BEING’s choice what he wants to do.

Every journey of discovering UNIVERSE starts with the physical aspect through Body à Brain àMind. This mind here is the enemy of Human BEING, because it is created by the society, but when a person learns to capture his Mind and trains his Mind (to become of friend); this “Friend Mind” will get him into the Spiritual aspect of himself so that he can grasp the LIGHT through Soul à Spirit.

So if Mind is indeed the part of Human Being, where it became a Wrong-doer?

Mind becomes a wrong-doer or it becomes the enemy when it is born through the “Beliefs” of Society, or can say be said that when it is born through the “Other Minds of Society”.

Like you and me, our parents were non-aware of their Mind so that means the Mind –beliefs which we got from our parents– which is now functioning in US is in a “Non-Aware State” which is our real enemy. How?  Two minutes after our birth, we are handed a platter full of name, our identity, a lifetime membership to a family where we will belong to and a religion to which we are already subscribed to. All our life the rules we lives by, all the values we honor in the sake of our family name are the ones we never get to choose by our own choice, but among all we are enslaved into an invisible cage, given borne through the society.

That is where the Mind (that makes human think, the Mind that makes human functions in everyday life) is destroying Human being from inside. This is an ongoing process and because of one person NON AWARENESS, he makes all of his generation suffer with him, because of his non aware state of Mind (filled with malicious “Beliefs”), he cannot know the difference where he is wrong because mind is not letting him see, and it is now controlling his life.

BUT, if Human truly succeeded in “Catching his Mind” he becomes aware of the “Enemy Mind” which he trains and makes his friend (Friend Mind) so that he can transform himself from Human to its Beingness.

It is a full time job.
It is a full time job.

So what kind of Human is in the Non-Aware State of Mind?

The Non-Aware Mind human is like a ZOMBIE, these Zombies drink LIGHT of Creator and leave a person lifeless and infected with “Beliefs”.

When a baby is born he is filled with LIGHT and after naming him, giving him his identity they suck all of his LIGHT and leaves him with Beliefs, which he then do the same thing when he grows up and go feed on someone else(another newborn)  LIGHT and infect them with his “forefathersBELIEFS. This apocalypse is so on forth and happening everywhere that these entire “Non-Aware Mind” Human-Zombies think that they are ALIVE while in actual they are far from being Living.

Are You Infected With Beleifs Or Living Being?
Are You Infected With Beleifs Or Living Being?

So “Who are you– a Human Zombie following the Beliefs or the Living Being?”

P.S: GRATITUDE to my father and my Uncle (barayji) and I surely miss his teaching and whatever I am is because of his knowledge what it was gifted to me (free of cost) the last 4 years ago and in the last two years I have practice all of these lesson to be what I am today. I realize my mistake and when I got LIGHT, it was too late.

©Mindmasked 2016 


  1. I was drawn by the hotensy of what you write

  2. Saba Alam says:

    Thank you for sharing this!
    The comfort zone is created due to ones beliefs = mind, to leave that is to leave the mind.
    We are meant to dance and skip in life, if we let everything flow it will all unfold in front us, “follow the yellow brick road…” let the light guide you. Allahu sub an wath Allah has purpose for all of us the creator weather we say Allah or God the universe is in us if we leave the mind and connect to the being we are thrusted on to the path we are meant to be on. The path is created like gold dust we just have to let it occur, no second guess, what if’s or why me.
    Leave the mind and see the possibilities unfold!
    Thank you to my mentor for showing me this! Though I still get trapped through my what if belief or why me (apologies for this).

  3. Rohail says:

    I ruely appreciate your perspective
    u r talking about liberalism, wwhich is practiced in.west where everyone is free from all sorts of fake or self created beliefs and practice wht seems right to.an.ndividual though this is difficult to practice here as v r all living around V rather I and when anyone follows I perspective than.tht person would be banished from the society thrfore fear of loosing d so.called society would leave us handicaped in exercising liberalism

    1. mindmasked says:

      Thank you Rohail for your comment, technically all of the societies have this hidden masked-face. By talking of Liberism it’s just in your vocabulary, all there is needed is to catch your own mind. When you are catching it in yourself, there is no other person. Just the way your mind work simply the same way society mind works. (Catching you mind = catching how society works) If you notice there are two extreme possibility of everything in this world. Who have given the possibility of Right and Wrong? Think about it.

      You shall get a hint of my question in my next article “Meaning” . I ‘ll be uploading it shortly in an hour.

    2. Rohail says:

      hmm agreed

    3. mindmasked says:

      Check this article out Rohail; mindmasked.org/meaning

      It will give you the hint of what Liberism is pose as in MIND.

  4. Saba Alam says:

    First, very well written article though I realize you are using “human or Man made language again built in the cages of do’s and don’ts to use the lanague in such a manner to open the cage is amazing. “Belief and Mind two hard wired system I myself am trapped in. However since reading you articles yesterday the “hard wire computer” the mind which I though I was out has been bring my belief to the surfaces and the amount of fear that is behind all these belief is shocking. Thank you so much for opening my inner eyes or more so my window to the soul/sprite to allow me to began my journey of freedom.
    Much gratitude to Creator for allowing me to stay on this path though I my self striae so often due to my belief he has never given up on me and I am great-full to be allowed the chance to discard all these mind traps that I have in me.

    1. mindmasked says:

      Mam, so beautifully you have describe what Mind does. It is indeed try and that’s the reason I don’t have to watch any soap opera, because I have one going inside my own HEAD.
      Keep holding on to Creator Light

      Keep holding to Light. We all are grateful to Master and see it that this has create ripples in the Universe..

  5. Sierra, Very good article. Although I do not have full knowledge of full awareness opposes non awareness in your article, I do know the meaning of awareness. It is hard for me to comprehend how the light can change the mind, and in some cases do nothing . You will have to put me back in first grade. Susan

    1. mindmasked says:

      Susan to your question, understand it this way, You human is a room and when it is controlled by its Mind- it follows on his belief. And this belief in nature are the dark cloud that is blocking the light of the Creator.Now when the Light reached the room, like human and if he learns to hold it in his prehensil hand, so he that his mind would be blocked and those black Cloud of Bleiefs never will pull the cloak of darkness in the room ever again.
      When ever he slips into Mind he will lose his light because the Cloud of Darkness has shaded the room so try not to slip into non-Aware state of Mind. Because it’s poison for you.

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