This series discusses how does a person become masked face? This is discussed in this series. What is MIND? And what does a Non Aware become when he is controlled by Mind. The tricks that Mind plays on Human to keep him stuck in its control.

The sub-series of this talks in detail the difference of a person Living in Mind and a person Connected to Creator.

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Article # 1: “Mind”

Published on: 23rd February 2016

In the same way Human Being division is explainable; its four operational elements are Spirit, Soul, Brain and Body, where the thumb here is the “MIND”. This Mind is different yet it is needed to function the human being. Since human part of “Human-Being” is of physical world, and being part of “Human-Being” is of Spiritual World; MIND is the connecting dart between both the worlds.

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Article # 2: “Meaning”

Published on: 24th February 2016

Society in such is a mass of minds that sits together at a coffee table and decide the norms to make others to follow. Yet who created the Society? Society is created through the meaning of “Right and Wrong” and Mind has given birth to this dilemma of Rightness and Wrongness.

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Article # 3: “Coding”

Published on: 26th February 2016

Human Being is composure of two worlds (evidently physical and the spiritual), while the ability to access both of these worlds come through MIND. The people on this earth are of two consciousness “Lower consciousness” and “Higher consciousness”. These two consciousnesses are indeed not the dependent on the external factor rather they are all dependent upon the internal factor of the Human.

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Article # 4: “Electric Pole”

Published on: 31st March 2016

Human being, he is connected in also two ways, one way connects to limitless sea of energy, (Creator), while the other way he is connected to this earth. Human being conducts the LIGHT energy and spread it on this earth.

Article # 5: “Remote”

Published on: 08th June 2016

Human Life is an example of a remote controlled device. It performs specific task as the remote is naturally its controller. Similarly human life sits perfectly into this equation; but human has the ability to play both parts of being a device to be controlled and being a remote himself.