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Fuel to Change

Date:10 April 2019

Change your appearance and becoming a new identity to the eyes.

Irony in Cartoons/Comics tells us: Its easier to believe in you (as a super hero or a villain) when you have a mask, otherwise without it you are nothing but like us.

For example: To the world I maybe be Bruce Wayne but in light I become Batman, a person with purpose for humanity. Whereas, then there are some of those people who might term my change as JOKER instead of Batman.
How do I really know I m Batman with an identity of LIGHT in my life rather than JOKER with a masked face of Mind?

Difference in change between Batman to being JOKER in life.

Which change is more reliable?

The JOKER identity:

Any person shaped by the society by complexities, circumstances, tragedies, or simple abuse of power; later would become JOKER in his life. This change initiated when he was ridiculed and laughed at, was broken, weak and vulnerable which he no longer wants to be again so he puts up a masked face to survive in this society.  He in return does that to others when he is in power; or if not, he let it happens to others without stopping or standing for it.

Imagine you are making a sketch for your character in your life, just for 5 minutes you left your seat and someone else drew your character for you in your life, there is no back story, there is no thought process, there is no CHOICE in this scenario. YOUR character was prepared for you and then published into this world and YOU were fine with it.

This identity is Masked-face.
Because the change was imposed
or adapted from the outside.

 Changes like these are imposed on Children by their parents, society, religion; meaning from outside, there is no struggle in it. That’s why who they become are numerous masked faces of their past, there parent’s past, their parents masked faces, their grandparents masked faces, their teacher masked faces and their friends masked faces.

There is no realization in becoming this identity.

The BATMAN identity:

Any person inspired to be changed “by not becoming like the society”, where helpless, vulnerable, weak and people who later abuse power are hoarded inside, have a chance to change for better.

Imagine again you are making a sketch for your character in your life; while you left, someone else again drew your character for you in your life, there seems to be no CHOICE in this scenario but YOU rejected it. You reject to accept the fate, you rejected to accept the system, you rejected to be part of the cycle, because you ONLY have ONE LIFE. and you rejected to live on other people TERMS because you realized THE POWER OF CHOICE, and you choose to be who YOU don’t want to be.

After realizing the pain, break into yourself and find out the root cause, Then simply change it. You will no longer be hurt anymore.

From here, the chance to start the journey of LIGHT comes, from here the change is initiated from inside; from your core. You have planted (or a real master has planted new seed) and you built the change from your roots, you shed your old skin and become the new YOU. No doubt, the society do torment you, make you an outcast for detesting their system, they ways and challenging their control. But your new identity your back story, your struggle, your CHOICE is the fuel that keeps you going.


In short both type of identities co-exists in this society but the JOKER identity is created with the purpose of oneself. Whereas, BATMAN identity is created with the purpose of servicing other.

My fuel of CHANGE : I didn’t want to be like another non-aware MOTHER, who didn’t understand its own child DNA and how it works. The thought to be one was terrifying for me to change because I cannot put harm to someone’s DNA when I know I can benefit them if I correct myself.

What are you willing to change and what is your fuel to change?


©Mindmasked 2019

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