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An Art of Heart Coherence

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AGFLAP and Heart Coherence are two practices which deeply pursued and insisted by Mind Masked. AGFLAP has been discussed several times and promoted on articles and workshops as well but heart coherence seems to be confusing for some. Unlike to vagueness attached to this term, this process is extremely easy and simple. It is nothing but the creation of positive thoughts.


Creating positive thoughts are quite significant to live Aware-Lifestyle. It is due to the reason that these thoughts go in to the surroundings and universe and create the reality of human. There is no doubt in this phenomenon and it has been proved by science as well. In fact, there is a saying that “You Get What You Create”.

Therefore, the creation of thoughts – either positive or negative – leads to creation of relevant lifestyle and life choices. In this regard, the creation of a person’s positive thoughts can be understood as Heart Coherence.

Now the question emerges that why heart coherence is necessary and why it should be part of one’s life. Computer is an example that signifies the phenomenon through which humans can be understood, such as the computer is a sum of both software and hardware and it cannot function if either factor is missing. Human beings and this universe also function like computers. For humans: the body acts as hardware while, thoughts, ideas, and recordings in the subconscious mind, analytical mind, soul, and spirit work as software. Similarly, the physical features of this world – like our surroundings, roads, buildings, mountains, oceans, cars – are hardware while energy, waves, radiations, feelings of all these things are software.

It is important to know that hardware does not change. Change only comes from software. When human changes the binary digits of his thoughts from negativity to positivity, change automatically appears on physical hardware of this world and the people.

Thoughts act as binary digits how they are written, altered, mould, reviewed and revised. The similar change appears on the screen of humans and world.

For example :

If a person wants to befriend with someone or heal the broken relationship. Thus, before taking physical steps like calling or texting. Instead, he/she should do heart coherence first by imaging the person or keeping them in mind. Positive thoughts should be created for the concerned person such as X is now my friend or I have an excellent partnership with person X.  Such thoughts get transferred to desired people; it does it generate positive vibes in them and opens avenues for desired reality. Once the positive foundation of positive feelings and thoughts is formed, then the physical action would easily do the rest of the work.

The beauty of the heart coherence is that human can transform his/her life by simple change of thoughts. It can undo the negativity of long past and have power to bring remarkable present and future. Nevertheless, the negativity in thoughts generates negative life and make sure to create obstacles and issues in one’s life. Therefore, CHOSE YOUR THOUGHTS CAREFULLY.

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