A Prison of Time

Time is a never-ending punishment that bounds you on this earth to bargain your life. It is the one thing whose dominator is that you bargain the one thing you are on credit in your life, i.e: to recover from any amount of disease, injury or emotion.


Stop trying to be truckload, stop trying to find your answer in the OUTSIDE world. Just close our eyes and BREATH. That’s your guide.

Be-Friend with Universe: Part II Trust

Trust Human and Universe are one with NATURE. They share their energies and elements, and only thing which breakdown the relationship between them is AGFLAP. AGFLAP is that NOISE which prevents HUMAN to decode the message of Universe. Once Human removes these negative forces from his system, HE STARTS PLAYING HIDE & SEEK WITH UNIVERSE. …

Be-friend with Universe: Part I (AGFLAP)

AGFLAP The best thing about the relationship between human and Universe is that they are one in nature. The elements of Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen are most abundant in Universe along with minute concentration of other elements. Similarly, the exact composition of elements can be found in humans too. Hence, if dig deeper, the baseline …