Be-Friend with Universe: Part II Trust


Human and Universe are one with NATURE. They share their energies and elements, and only thing which breakdown the relationship between them is AGFLAP. AGFLAP is that NOISE which prevents HUMAN to decode the message of Universe. Once Human removes these negative forces from his system, HE STARTS PLAYING HIDE & SEEK WITH UNIVERSE. He creates something, which he desires, with the power of his intention and orders Universe to manifest it and Universe get busy to fulfill it as early as possible.

There is a common notion that once in a day a moment comes whatever human prays or ask, that get manifested immediately. That moment comes in everyone’s life on daily basis. It is actually that moment when human body gets synchronize with Universe and whatever it asks, Universe immediately demonstrate it.

The most beautiful thing is that HUMAN MIGHT HOLD THAT MOMENT ALL THE TIME. It is in his capacity to live in that moment FOREVER.

However, the question is HOW?

Removal of AGFLAP is one part of the game. There is another step which must not be missed at all and that is TRUST. Universe does not manifest anything for human until and unless, he puts unconditional trust HIMSELF AND UNIVERSE both. TRUST is the ENTER KEY of whole creation process. People pray a lot, they want their life in certain manner, they desire certain lifestyle BUT THEY DO NOT TRUST THEMSELVES THAT THEY MIGHT ACQUIRE IT AND DO NOT TRUST UNIVERSE THAT SHE WOULD MANIFEST THEIR DESIRES.

When Human removes AGFLAP and upload TRUST on UNIVERSE, both of them begin to share extraordinary bond. They play with each other on constant basis. Universe again and again asks human to CREATE something so she can manifest for him. NOW IT IS UP TO HUMAN WHAT HE CHOOSES TO CREATE.

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