Be-Friend with Universe: Part IV Activate Your Gut Feeling


Activate Your Gut Feeling

Be-Friend with Universe: Part IV Activate Your Gut Feeling

Everyone is capable of Gut Feeling and experience it on constant basis. However, its occurrence depends on person’s own focus and attention. Those people who focus it constantly with 100% attention, their gut-feeling works miraculously for them. On the other hand, those beings who are reluctant to accept it, no matter how strong signals they receive; they often tend to miss it.

Gut-feeling works in several different manners, which varies from signaling about future incidents to answering tough questions of life. Now, question is that how Gut-feeling can be activated and how does it work?

Ways of Activation

In order to activate sixth sense or gut-feeling, one has nothing to do but to put focus on the gut. It can be done anytime and anywhere irrespective of surrounding environment, just transfer Focus from outer to inner-world.

It is important to understand that activation of gut-feeling is normally pursued with the purpose of connecting with one’s inner-self. Hence, it requires cutting-down of outer distractions that include thoughts, voices, people, negativity, smart-gadgets, television, radio and everything which forces one to focus on outer world instead of inner-self.

It is not necessary that activation would occur at once with single attempt. A person can find it absolutely boring and uninteresting. In addition, it is hard to cut-down the thoughts and other distractions immediately. It is relatively long and slow process. Therefore, those who are willing to activate it must practice meditation every day for few minutes. Meditations are strong and one of the simple ways to activate gut feeling but it needs consistency and practice. Small but consistent exercise of focus might generate miraculous results. Lack of result in the beginning is no reason for discouragement. Sometimes, it responds immediately and in other times it needs a little more effort hence, the key is PERSISTENCE.

Ways of Manifestation

Once activated, gut-feeling guides human being at every level. It gives answers during emotional discomforts and opens a whole new world of peace and silence. It allows the human to understand and feel his own being-ness and allow him to trust un-seen and un-heard warning signs.  

The sensation of gut-feeling is so unique and delicious that those who discover it, they have hard time to undo its joy. They look towards it again and again for every answer and guidance. Consequently, it keeps getting strengthened and respond accordingly.

Humans with activated gut-feeling, constantly get new ideas (out-of-nowhere) to do their job, errands and other stuff. This OUT-OF-NOWHERE is actually a gut-feeling which guides them to work in more absolute manner. It also guides human to seek new ways and opportunities with interesting thoughts, ideas, signals, omen, and signs.

The interesting aspect of gut-feeling is that it contains plenty of pros and zero cons. It is a unique a sensation of its own kind, which brings deep and long lasting peace and content to human race.   

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