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The Gem Stone

Let say You are a seeker, and you seek things out of life.

One day a person came to you in the strangest of the place and asked you to seek a rarest gem on this earth.  He  gave you a visiting card and said “ when you find the gem give this number a call, this can pay whatever the amount, but the conditioned is that you find it first before anyone else did.” Where will you start your search from?

Will you go to retail shops to find the rarest of the gem or will you go to the biggest of the mines. Either way if you start finding it from there, it will take you thousands of years, and most probably you will not get any gem at all. Because all of those years you have been looking in the wrong place.

Ask yourself :

will the rarest of the things be kept in the highest secularize place, or will it be kept in an open window shop?

Naturally it is the most expensive gem, it will be in a diamond gallery under the tightest security; so, it is hard to get, worth all fortune it cost.

All you are is a seeker; your first step is to reach that auction. For that, you would need the most expensive brands of Clothes, so that you can look alike those other people. You will transform yourself to blend into these people, of this high stature. So, you study for a while. You learn their protocols.

The time comes of the big reveal, you see a beautiful fancy vivid blue diamond, it’s called “The Oppenhiemer Blue” and the bidding starts. Soon you see yourself competing with another bidder who is on telephone. The bidding started and it is a close call, after a long time finally you closed the deal with $57.5 billion and it is sold to you.

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The public asked you, who you are? Some kind of business man? Or a royal person.

You simply leave that gallery as soon because all your task was to seek the rarest gem, which you did. But you never concern yourself to ask the person who just got himself the rarest of the blue diamond in this world?

But when you return to the place, to give him his diamond back, he is gone. All you are left is the rarest gem in your possession and no clue of its owner. What do you do next?

Questions to ask yourself;

  1. Who was that person?
  2. What was that Number?
  3. And what is this rarest gemstone?

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