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Happy Birthday Susan Thompson

She was my most special friend. MY ONLY FRIEND. ~ Forrest Gump

Personal wish:

Happy Birthday mama,

It’s your special day, and with all my heart (that is full of light of Creator) I wish you Happy Birthday.

To me you came as a stranger protuding questions of what and how and when and who is mindmasked. First it was annoying that why is she’s asking all these question but In these last 10 month you have not only grown a part of Mindmasked Family but a part of me.

You taught me so much about myself, I have always been a strict nature person, not very much lovable (or atleast much expressive in it). After two people in my life I express it to you much more freely.

The more I walk on this path, the more I find beautiful friends and you are my most special friend. Every night I wait for your message and I keep track of ticking clock that now you will come online.

You are like a long distance pen pal I always desire and yes when I was getting trapped in mind you helped me to see the light.

This is a silent commitment I have to myself. I will always remember you. For you are the reason I have know myself more. And you are the reason I m happy today. 


Sierra Blythe.



Dear Susan,

You are the very first person who came to light through Mindmasked. Universe know me through you.Universe know mindmasked through you. Universe know master through you.

You are the most lovable person I ever met. And maybe that the reason mindmasked get to meet you. 

Here at mindmasked family, we are so fortunate to have your presence. And your light amazes us all. It amazes us that we can be like that and we can be connected to Creator. 

You are the most achieving trophy we can have at mindmasked.

May Creator blessed you with million and trillions  bucketful of Creator Light.  For you are the reason there is a Love on this earth.

Always in our prayers. You make us proud.



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