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YES God, NO God

Everyone believes in something “Yes God, No God”, either it is a believer, or it is an atheist. The believer believes in “YES God”, and the atheist believes in “NO God”. Their belief is weighing on the word before GOD.  But there is a mystical answer in both because both are correct.

When a child is born, he does not know any language (words and their meaning), so who teaches them the meaning? Society. The same way the meaning of YES and NO is given through society because the vocabulary which child parents have also taught by the same society and this vocabulary is the basis of the decision of ‘YES and NO’ while having a belief in GOD existence or not.

So the question is WHERE IS THE GOD EXISTING?   

There is one simple answer, “in the human mind – who gives meaning to YES and NO” to his presence.

So what does it mean? Who created Human beings?

There is a Creator who created Human being, with a model design of two eyes and a nose, two hands and two legs and all of the same organs.

Does that mean Creator is different than GOD as Hindus also have Gods, and Muslims have too? What about when some people say that these are the different names of the same GOD?

So if, these are all the name of same GOD, then why all the people in the world have different beliefs, which make everyone, fight each other.

Something doesn’t fit right.

If there is one Creator who is giving the same oxygen to Muslim and to his neighbor Hindu or person belonging to any other religion or even atheist (as it doesn’t happen that an individual who don’t believe in GOD never breaths ) So how are any of human different from each other?

Because they were all born into different families – as one is born into a Muslim family and one is born into Hindu family or Christian or Jewish.

What difference does it make when you are all born the same way? What difference does it make if you all share DNA, what difference does it make that you all are Created from Sperm and Egg. When does your Difference come?

It is when you are born.

There are many ways to Reach Creator, i Choose LOVE ~ Rumi.
There are many ways to Reach Creator, i Choose LOVE ~ Rumi.

If so, you were a ‘Bakth’ Hindu, a ‘Mujahid’ Muslim, a ‘Fighter’ Christian or ‘Patriotic’ Jewish,  why haven’t you started fighting and killing and doing all violence when you were in your Mother’s womb.

If you are born to Fight for Right and Wrong, why were you all getting loved in the nine months of pregnancy by your Mother?

And I should find it unacceptable, that a Muslim sperm should impregnate a Hindu Ova, or a sperm of a Christian should impregnate a Jewish Ova. When Sperm and Egg don’t find the difference then how are you any different than others? So answer me where this difference is born?

In your Mind, and MIND is the creation of society. Creation – that every human receives with a bucket full of his forefather beliefs because that’s what Non-aware parents are gifting it to their children.

So if every human is created by one Creator, because when the human being and the process of creating a child aren’t different for any person belonging to any religion so there would be one language all of his creation listens. Which one is it?

It is the language of LOVE.

Rumi ~ choose love to Reach God - Mindmasked

Is it the same love that everyone pretends to do because if anyone targets their belief, they will kill them? or The same love, which everyone does to their families and not others? How prejudice is this love or is this even real love?

No, it is not, because this love is as judgmental as the YES and NO existence of God. This love is also created out of MIND.

So which language of love does Creator speak?

That LOVE is witnessed only when a person exits his MIND. Removes all of the judgment of his forefather beliefs and when he loses the identity he got from SOCIETY. That is when he will see real love.

Who can tell you more about Language of Creator?


P.S: GRATITUDE to my father and my Uncle (barayji) and I surely miss his teaching and whatever I am is because of his knowledge what it was gifted to me (free of cost) the last 4 years ago and in the last two years I have practice all of these lesson to be what I am today. I realize my mistake and when I got LIGHT, it was too late.

©Mindmasked 2016

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  1. bracelet says:

    As much as people persuade you to their opinion, don’t let it dissuade you from that fact also. Make an opinion on a subject based on its merits and not from hype or the power of suggestion.

  2. Charline says:

    I really respect your thinking, there aren’t many people in the world who think it this way. Please keep doing the amazing work you are doing, Love You.

  3. imitazioni oroligi Cartier Pasha says:

    Let me know when you have articles such as these.

  4. saba says:

    Brilliant! A quote that is often used, “the eyes are the window to the soul” well this shows us we are not using the soul or looking through our authentic selves but through the mind that is hard wired through human belief.
    An example of this can be seen in the current crises in Syria, the humanitarian effort is beyond religion, all faith groups are helping this is the soul coming forward being freed from the mind.
    My dear master if only I had listen from day one then going through this maze I create day in and day out. Thank you for always guiding me through this!

    1. mindmasked says:

      Yes you are 100% right Ma’am.

  5. coupons says:

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