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70 years of Independence

This is not only the day for those who has gone by us for all the services they have given to us but it is a day for those who wIll be gone soon for the service they are giving on this earth.

Happy independence day,

No matter which country you belong but your love for your country comes from the root of your heart.

Human can hate everyone but he cannot resist himself for loving atleast one thing in his life.

Maybe you were born in a different religious family but no matter what religion you follow you still share the same heart we do.

The people who sacrificed their lives for their motherland did it because of love and no matter what their love will not get wasted.

Always remember that the hatred in this world is not because of which country you belong or which Religion you follow or which nation you take part in. All of the hatred is created by the Mind.

Human is not a social animal because animal itself is a loveable creature. Human is made out of Love. Love and Light of Creator so how can it be possible that human being can ever hate someone??

Just remember as long as you are authentic you are always going to be successful.

There are people in this earth who are still working for man to turn kind. (Man-kind) and a man can turn kind when he leaves his MIND.

So #catchyourmind and stay authentic.


This independence realise that you not only got your country independent from the other people mind but you also got independent from the control of your own Mind. Stop blaming others and start changing yourself today.

How did Jinnah become Jinnah and how did Gandhi become Gandhi. It was all because of both were authentic people. I respect Gandhi for he went on (bhook hartal) starving protest when new state was not given its all right. That is what authenticity is.


There would be no Jinnah or Gandhi if they didnt have authenticity in themselves. I believe in 1947 many authentic people on both border have their service to their homeland and that’s all because they were authentic enough to give up their life to get the success that seek.

I respect human being on both the border who fought for their homeland with authenticity and today I give you my word that I will be the same to become authentic such as you.

This is a song for those authentic people who stand for truth.


Urdu Translation:
Aye Rahe Haq K Shahido….
Wafa Ki Taswiroooo
Tumhe Watan Ki Hawainnnn
Salam Kehti Hain….
Aye Rahe Haq K Shahidooo….



Rah = path, haq = truth, people who walked on the path of truth (one face people != who are authentic) sheedp = martyr (people successful in his action)

So people who are authentic, who get successful in their actions, today you are model of authenticity. Today people of your homeland is saluting you for your authenticity. Oh people who are authentic.

Urdu Tanslation:
Lagane Aag Jo Aye The Ashyane Ko
Woh Sholey Apne Lahoo Se Bujhadiye Tumnee
Bachalaiya Hai K Piri Ne Kitne Pholon Ko
Suhag Kitni Baharon K Rakh Liye Tumnee
Tumhe Chaman Ki Fazain Salam Kheti Hain

those mind who came to burn down the connection of Creator. You oh Master (authentic person of high respect) you have taken it all on your DNA to make us safe.

Because of your light you have saved so many of us. Because of this Light lf Creator you have kept so many home intact. Today oh dear authentic people today we are saluting you for your service.

Urdu tanslation:
Aye Rahe Haq K Shahido….


So people who are authentic, who get successful in their actions.

Urdu translation:

Chale Jo Hoge Shahadat Ka Jaam Piker Tum
Rasool-e-pak Ne Banhoon Main Leliya Hoga
Ali Tumhari Shuja\’at Pay Jhomte Honge
Husain Pak Ne Irshad Yeh Kya Hoga
Tumnhe Khuda Ki Razain Salam Kehti Hain


Oh you started your journey with becoming authentic.

Prophet SAW, Jesus Christ, lord Krishna/ Lord Shiva, Buddha, Ram all of them would greet you and hug you no matter which Religion you follow. They all love prop who are authentic / Satay / sadiq/ truthful.

All of these big authentic people would dance to see you there after giving your serving on this earth. And after that these authentic people would have said that Creator is already agreed with you. That is the reason he has given you this LIGHT. Keep it safe.


Just get independent today from the control of your mind today.

Happy independent India and Pakistan!!!!

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