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Letter for New Reader about Mindmasked Articles

Dear Reader,

All the envy and all the hatred, we all people have created is not because what outside us instead all these difference are inside us. If we correct ourselves we can become very peaceful and can be connected to Creator. Irrespective of which Religion we follow.

who is mindmasked? Join our mindmasked family, here!

We have to stop being Mindmasked, and it is only possible by removing our Masked Faces everyday.

Here in Mindmasked Family we say that, “Don’t Point Fingers at other. Point Finger at yourself because the Other person is not wrong. When you correct your own self, automatically the other person is changed

Mindmasked focuses on two things:

  1. How to clean DNA with these small small beliefs (because small stone make bigger problems)
  2. How can you become an Authentic Person?

#catchyourmind and Stay Authentic.

There is a pattern in all of the Mindmasked series of articles arrangement, so it is a complete guide for you. There are two types of people; NON Aware Human beings and Aware Human being.


It all depend on which state a person chooses to live in. Either he chooses Mind and lives the rest of his life according to the societal beliefs, or he chooses to shut down his Mind, clean his DNA and connect to Creator. All he has to do is get aware of how he is MIND MASKED?

All of the articles are divided into the four types of series and Two blogs.

Series 1: Masked Faces Series.

This series discuss how individually each human behave when he is trapped into his MIND. It also discuss the personality of NON Aware Human beings,

The sub-series of Masked face discuss how a human DNA records all of human beliefs. It also tells how human can clean his DNA to create a connection with Creator.

Series 2: Society Series.

This series discusses how masked face people make up a society and how this society works. The inner mechanism of the society is to use control of MONEY as well as GENDER to influence their ways in the world.

The sub-series include how all of the world society’s are trapped in beliefs with the locks of Like and Dislike. Specifically this series discuss eastern beliefs in general.

Series 3: Mind Series.

Prior to this series it is discuss that how a non aware human being behaves and how these masked faces people make society, but the question is how does a person become masked face? This is discussed in this series. What is MIND? And what does a Non Aware become when he is controlled by Mind. The tricks that Mind plays on Human to keep him stuck in its control.

The sub-series of this talks in detail the difference of a person Living in Mind and a person Connected to Creator.

Series 4: MOMIN Series

Up until now we have discuss the problems of being trapped in mind and how mind trick humans but question come in heart, what happens once you exist Mind? So this is discussed in this Series. When a person exits his MIND, he becomes aware and how connecting to Creator changes his life.

The sub-series of this discuss how Universe then works for Aware Human beings and what is LIGHT of Creator? And How Human can keep that light once he starts cleaning his DNA.

Blog 1: Sajal Khan Blog

Sajal’s Blog publishes utmost truth about Societal Beliefs and how Society is created, how societal influences and alter the human behavior and how human behavior mold the society. It also publishes articles of how society functions from different aspects . The main focus of Sajal’s Blog is, Eastern Society and Human behavior.

The series of articles published are:

  1. Sex drive in Human Drive
  2.  Society

It feels Nice to spread the Knowledge I have, With lots of Gratitude for support and Love for my readers,                                                                                                                                                                       ~ Sajal Khan

Blog 2: Sierra Realization

Mistake is nothing more that a mis-shot-taken in life just like in basketball, that is the reason it is called Mistake and to find the right Take you need to know all the mis-shot-angles-taken at life. These mis-shot taken are nothing more then “ball shot at the missed angle in a basketball court ” because then only you will know which shot at which angle it is that you don’t need to take ever again.

Your next step will be finding the more 99 steps that wouldn’t work so that when you removed those angles and remaining you will know which angle to throw your shot in life.

                                                                                                                                  Lots of Love ,

                                                                                                                           Mindmasked family!

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  1. Awesome! Its in fact amazing letter, I have got much clear idea concerning from this website.

  2. Glory says:

    Hi friends, how is everything, and what you want to say regarding this
    piece of writing, in my view its truly amazing for me.

    1. mindmasked says:

      Everything’s wonderful, Thank You.

  3. Areeba Fatima says:

    That idea of “mistake” i liked the most.
    Keep up the good work sierra! ?

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