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What is life with LIGHT?

People mistake life as an ordinary; they haven’t cherished its extra-ordinariness till yet. Which lifestyle do you Choose?

Can you feel each spore of your skin breathing? Like they are small fishes resurfacing on water to grasp mouthful of air? Or have you ever felt that time has slowed down and you can feel all that is going around you?

I guess you haven’t got time out of running in the race that you are being born into called “LIFE”. That’s the difference in between living a life of Non Aware and Aware human being.

Non Aware Lifestyle:

It is a lifestyle of complaining and Worrying, living every moment in Stress .

You wake up every morning, thinking that you have to go to school/college/office, then have to face different people, sometimes they come with good news other times bad. There is a constant struggle in how to deal life? You keep thinking what ifs? You keep second guessing what’s happening in life. Well then there is constant vulnerability of attachments.

You are so trained on your beliefs that leaving that comfort zone is extremely impossible for you and that is the reason you forget to feel happiness out of everything that is going around you.
You need constant reminder of materialistic thing to feel happy, or presence of someone to feel happy. Happiness comes from with-in why do you seek outside?

Well that’s nothing magical, you can feel it, now if you ask me how? Well that’s another story.

What happens when Human turn to beingness?

Aware Lifestyle:

Once human turns to their beingness, his lifestyle becomes feeling “Gratitude” for each opportunity that he has gotten to feel such thing.


You feel as if you can focus on thousand of different things in the same moment, it will feel as if everything is inviting you in that second to just have a peek over to it.

You have all the time in this world, because all you have to do is stay coherent. When you are coherent, you have no masked faces and you don’t need to worry how to deal with different people in your life. Because where ever you go you will act same, since you stop pretending then you do not need to think twice what you say.

When you turn to light, there is no what ifs because you learned that your choices have consequences in life.  So when you start controlling your thought eventually you choices are filtered. Then there is no good or bad, everything is filtered into Mind and Light.

Quit doing Mindful things and your will start flying in the high sky. Your life will be on Auto-pilot mode and you have got all the time to enjoy what’s around you.

You will feel air brushing your being in the split of nano second? Well with that  happening you start to live in the state of gratitude.

Light of Creator makes your life easier, it doesn’t live for you but it takes away your worries. You no longer need to worry, like who will put bread in your House? Your work is stay Aware and keep on working with authenticity, Universe will work for you and you won’t know where bread will come to you.


The key to stay in aware state is “GRATITUDE” You can feel the merest and the smallest of the things in life.

So #catchyourmind and Stay Authentic.

P.S: GRATITUDE to my father and my Uncle (barayji) and I surely miss his teaching and whatever I am is because of his knowledge what it was gifted to me (free of cost) the last 4 years ago and in the last two years I have practice all of these lesson to be what I am today. I realize my mistake and when I got LIGHT, it was too late.


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  1. Heckuva good job. I sure apaipcrete it.

  2. This website is really cool. I have bookmarked it.

    Do you allow guest post on your website ? I can provide high quality posts for you.
    Let me know.

    1. mindmasked says:

      Yes Swen, Kindly contact us on our Facebook Page.

  3. Sajal says:

    I just want to add a point that when we start living with beingness, the FEAR of tomorrow vanishes. I was the one who used to live in terror of TOMORROW that what would happen to me. But, now there are several things about future which dont bother me but a year ago I was deadly worried about them. I learned that if we correct our NOW, this very given second, our Future automatically take beautiful shape.

    1. mindmasked says:

      Thank You.

  4. I Think this Article relates a lot towards me. Keep coherent, be authentic, Have Gratitude To The Creator. Stay Aware. Catch my Mind. I have done that until a sudden belief crept in. It was Grief, under normal circumstances that would not be a problem. I could deal with it and still try to make it go away. I don’t mean to disappoint my Mind Masked Friends. I will keep trying and keep aware, and not complain of my disposition to non aware parents. I take my own blame, as I brought it on my self unknowingly. Gratitude to the Creator, that he can shed me much light at this time.

    1. mindmasked says:

      Yes Susan, You are 101% right. and realizing this means that Creator is not Upset with you that is the reason you got this realization, so keep yourself coherent. MINDMASKED friends are never disappointed because well we dont have mind, and we respect what ever lifestyle you choose.
      Now i would like to appreciate you very much on what you realize that you cannot blame your non aware parents but yes you can change your lifestyle NOW.
      Love you lots, and stay Happy.

  5. Areeba Fatima says:

    Theres everything really soothing and peaceful written i can say 🙂 which makes one realize that life has such simple yet enormous valuable things to give but if we realize and dont rush for materialistic things. Aah so love??

    1. mindmasked says:

      Yes dear, its beautiful that you can appreciate what small things are important in life. Thank you for your kind words.

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