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Dear Reader, All the envy and all the hatred, we all people have created is not because what outside us instead all these difference are inside us. If we correct ourselves we can become very peaceful and can be connected to Creator. Irrespective of which Religion we follow. Join our mindmasked family, here! We have …

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Authenticity Part 1: First Step for Being Aware Person

  In order to be an Aware-Human, authenticity is a first task to achieve. It is that key which may unlock a door of opportunities and fortune. In order to be authentic person, a human does not need Master. Rather, authenticity makes him his own Master. When human becomes authentic, he starts a whole new …

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YES God, NO God

Everyone believes in something “Yes God, No God”, either it is a believer, or it is an atheist. The believer believes in “YES God”, and the atheist believes in “NO God”. Their belief is weighing on the word before GOD.  But there is a mystical answer in both because both are correct. When a child …

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Where will you stand when you will learn the ultimate truth about your existence? That “YOUR in control of your life” – is just an illusion Instead your mere existence is just because of the seclusion that you have taken from the Light of Creator, because then only you can be seen; a dark object …

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January 08, 2016 I belong to a family with a very respectable surname but finding it rather funny to accept that if I am a true descendant of it because something doesn’t sit fit into the equation and since having the heart to search for it, I had rather not label is as unquestionable like …


Kafir -one who hides

Basically KAFIR is an arabic word which originally means “to hide”. Like a farmer hides the seeds in the ground.. tbere are two words used in quran “mushrekeen and kufar” [plural of mushrik and kafir] i question one thing that why use the two word for the same meaning with one another.. it is misguided …



Money is the most valuable thing for all humans. And the safest place to keep our valuable possessions in this world is in the custody of the “bank”. It is equipped with cameras everywhere for a secure environment. These cameras watch out over every transition, ATM or people that come inside the locker room. The …

Everyday life


Today I learned that beliefs are the biggest chain that tie a human to this earth. When he want to fly on Pegasus (burakh) and meet the creator – this chain pulls him down.

“Namaz momin ki mairaj hai”

Momin means human being who has a clear conduit from emotions, where as simple human has surrendered infront of emotions. WHICH SALAH DO U OFFER??

Beliefs are the chain that keeps the mind locked up in a pretty twisted way.