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Mind Masked

Where will you stand when you will learn the ultimate truth about your existence?

That “YOUR in control of your life” – is just an illusion

Instead your mere existence is just because of the seclusion that you have taken from the Light of Creator, because then only you can be seen; a dark object in contrast to light, visible and known.

The blockage is done by your MIND.

It is created through the meanings of right and wrong while living with the locks of likeness and dislikeness. It fuels you by feeding the capsules of emotions to never let you realize that you live in darkness of beliefs.

  • What did you think that you were born with FREEDOM?

You never had a choice, because you are living the same beliefs that were of your forefathers.

He like an eagle and catch your mind.
Be like an eagle and catch your mind.
  • Did you think that your mind was the one clouded by this world?

Your mind is the real reason you are clouded.

A creation of society that will never let you find the escape from the seclusion you live in.  The constant need you have for someone or something to support you, to let you get by in life. For some people it is “need of money” or “need of a partner”, or “a need of a goal in life to survive”.

There is a constant need of something, you are trying to find in everything, you can’t seem to find peace, that there is something incomplete about you. You are restless because you feel “you are lost at sea (nowhere to go) and all you think is that “boat” is your reality.”

BUT it’s all in your mind.

The incompleteness is that you are away from your source of Life, “the Light of Creator” automatically no one understands the LANGUAGE you speak, that’s why you have a constant need that you need to fill that incompleteness, because you have forgotten what you are searching. In that case if you have learned what you are in search of, you are already half way there. But if you still feel the need then you must know it’s not what your being is made up of.


How does MIND fill that need for you?

That need is filled by infecting others with beliefs, which drain the light out of them.

This is the rule of society; “if one cannot get out of it, neither shall other” and that is the reason you feed on the light of other.

Why are you so afraid to just close your eyes and take a step into nothingness?

Because that fear LIVE inside your, installed by your Mind.

Trust your being
Trust your being

All you need is to leave your seclusion and merge into the flow of the LIGHT of the creator.

Your think your mind is MASKED, then it will call “Masked Mind”, but instead you are being masked by your mind, that’s why you are “MIND MASKED”

Catch it before it catches you.

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  1. I have read a few good stuff here. Definitely worth bokokarming for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you put to create such a fantastic informative web site.

  2. Saba Alam says:

    WOW! Thank you for that but I will go to agflap and ego through such lovely words, but Allah sub an wath Allah is the creator of all.
    “Shukran Allah wallah Alham dulillah
    Shukran Allah wallah Alham dulillah…”

  3. Saba Alam says:

    Wow! Thank you this.
    It is amazing the inner workings of the hard wired machine our mind.
    I have just realized this by reading this brilliant article, I am blessed to have a mentor that guides me and tells me this like a loop, but do I listen no.
    I am lost at sea and blessed at the same time, that I mentor steering my ship but when I myself become an anchor stopping my being from following the path which is meant to be then, this is where my frustration begins.
    A key example my career I have studied for years and I was feeling so incomplete and the “why me”, I am not getting a job, it’s the economy ect…, well its simple this is not what I meant to do for my whole life. It is as though I have my feet in two boats sailing in different directions one towards my being and one of the world, when I cannot break free of this then yes of course it does not matter how well I am steered by anyone I will be treading water going nowhere. My friends have jobs ect.., but that is not the life for me, being aware is what I need and I am blessed though I have repeated this over and over again Allah sub an wath Allah has given me a mentor that no matter what he steers me in the right direction.
    Thank you for this article!
    Thank you to my amazing mentor for never giving up one me!

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