Post #1: “Staircase”

Published on: 24th September 2016

Very few are alive, other just die without even living.



 ghost article mindmasked Post #2: “Ghost”

Published on: 25th September 2016

Why human always associate GHOST with FEAR? 

How is it possible that ‘ A place where he was never in person yet he could still feel the presence of someone,heavy air and haunted sound at night’?



 74f3e2139939b4fe0949aec93b4ed2e3Post #3: “Lifestyle”

Published on: 04th October 2016

People mistake life as an ordinary; they haven’t cherished its extra-ordinariness till yet. Which lifestyle do you Choose?

Quit doing Mindful things and your will start flying in the high sky. Your life will be on Auto-pilot mode and you have got all the time to enjoy what’s around you.



sell-cleverness-and-buy-bewilderment-mindmaskedPost #4: “Grocery Store”

Published on: 09th October 2016

Life is like a Grocery Store; where “Customers come” and “Customers Go” you just give them your services.Your store is just not an ordinary Grocery Store but it’s rather unique. Because you give your Customers more then what they bought. You share your “LIGHT of Creator” with them.

There are many ways to Reach Creator, i Choose LOVE ~ Rumi.
There are many ways to Reach Creator, i Choose LOVE ~ Rumi.

Post #5: “YES God, NO God”

Published on: 17th July 2016

Everyone believes in something “Yes God, No God”, either it is a believer, or it is an atheist. The believer believes in “YES God”, and the atheist believes in “NO God”. Their belief is weighing on the word before GOD.  But there is a mystical answer in both because both are correct.




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