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CYM # 3

Dated: 04 October 2015

Article :Masked Faces

An old game we have all played in our childhood “standing in front of two parallel mirrors where we can observe multiple reflections of ourselves consider these reflection as the disguises of mask we put on and suddenly we can be see them as a different entity standing in-front of us. So which is real face of us? Check it out on: https://mindmasked.org/masked-faces/

Dated: 08 October 2015

Article :DNA Speaks

Similarly when a baby is born, it is created by two people DNAs. His fathers and mothers (the descendant of Adam) but they don’t remember those names taught to HIM because living among 36 masked faces with different beliefs all their lives have resulted in; them eventually re-writing that pure DIVINE information with those of beliefs and emotions and reactions in their DNAs . Check it out on: https://mindmasked.org/dna/

Dated: 09  October 2015

Article : Camera

Money is the most valuable thing for all humans. And the safest place to keep our valuable possessions in this world is in the custody of the bank. It is equipped with cameras everywhere for a secure environment. These cameras watch out over every transition, ATM or people that come inside the locker room. The security is on alert on 24/7 basis. So that it can have everything on record to prevent from any wrong doing. Check out: https://mindmasked.org/2015/10/camera/

Dated: 22  October 2015

Article : Locks

A man finds a woman attractive because male is programmed to be attracted to a female gender, but particularly why would he like this woman? Such as if her body type/personality/nature matches the LOCKS of likeness that his mind has put, she is able to access his emotions -get inside his door and meet the residents. Check it out at: Mindmasked.org/locks

Dated: 14  November 2015

Post: ” Watch out your mind”

Watch out your minds with the eye as of a eagle on its prey. Learn to capture it before it traps you. No doubt satan do derail from the path of light but ever wonder? Do he have this much time to whisper in everyones heart’s every moment? It’s not the satan anymore but the beliefs of society installed in our mind which stops us from moving in the path of light

Dated: 15 November 2015

Post: Tricks and Treat

Spread the word to your friends and family with the intention to understand the “tricks and treats” of the mind. And within time stay connected to the sacred source of guidance within you Learn how your mind traps you into the gates and locks of the “likes and dislikes” Check it out at: mindmasked.org/locks – Quoted from The Celestine Prophecy.

Dated: 15 Novemeber 2015

Article : Bandarwala

We all understand the meaning of love- but looking upon our real lives we find a disgraced balance. Where one partner is dominating and other is submissive. Unfold the curtain of reality of our society in just a moment but realising and quitting being a part of it. Learn to catch out the symptoms of the badarwala syndrom at: mindmasked.org/bandarwala

Dated: 15 Novemeber 2015

Post : Mind holds you down

Itfeels tiring to get out of depress state. What happens is that your mind do not want its sovereignty over your spirit to be over thus it does everything within its power to hold you down

Dated: 17 Novemeber 2015

Post : Ray of Lightness

Understand the garbage of the society in form of beliefs that drown you into deepest of the ocean where the rays of sunlight can not reach.. That’s the season it is stated: “Say, I Seek refuge with the lord of the dawn” in Surah falak The dawn is the days of light of guidance given to us. If you drown in the dept of darkness you are as good as lots.

Dated: 18 Novemeber 2015

Post : See real mind

Here mind is actually the beliefs of society. Once you have learn to see the real mind, avoid getting back to that. Stay like an eagle that watched its prey from the top of the moutain; go and catch your mind before it catches you

Dated: 30 Novemeber 2015

Article: False – Identity

In easy words mind is the greatest directors of our lifetime because it directs the human brain to play up human as a puppet filled with emotions, which screenplays back to back into the reel of beliefs made by the mind of others which become the reality of themselves. Check out at: mindmasked.org/false-identity

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