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Attachments Part 2: Embodiment of False Securities: A Sugar Coated Poison

Two types of Human beings: There are two types of human on earth, Aware and Non-Aware. Aware are those who do not become victim of AGFLAP, remain synchronized with Universe and maintain certain harmony with Earth. Non-Aware humans are those who love Mind-Based and Emotion-Based drama. They consider them as their objective of life (in

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Session 4 @ Al- Anwar Secondary School

07- April-2017 Mindmasked conducted its fourth session with the teachers of Al-Anwar School on April 7th, 2017. This session was designed to train teachers for the purpose of inculcating motivation and enthusiasm in them which included 15 teachers in figure. The discussion and activities were based on the idea that how teachers can play their

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Session 3 @ Area Study Centre for Europe

03- Feb-2016: The third session of Mindmasked has been conducted with students and teachers in ASCE, a renowned department of University of Karachi. It has been attended by 25 people, most of them were research students and carrying out their M.Phil and Ph.D. Due to research orientation of this audience, Mindmasked has discussed that how

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Session 2 @ St. Joseph College

18- Nov-2016: Our first session was student oriented. By keeping the series of Be-Friend with Your Inner Self, Mindmasked targeted the teachers of St. Joseph College. This session was attended by 42 teachers and other staff members. Here, the discussion has been conducted about teachers’ stress and the reasons which obstruct their 100% productivity. The

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