June 08,2016

Human Life is an example of a remote controlled device. It performs specific task as the remote is naturally its controller.

Similarly human life sits perfectly into this equation; but human has the ability to play both parts of being a device to be controlled and being a remote himself.

There are two ways a human lives his life:

  1. Being a device: human is controlled.

  2. Being a remote: human become controller.

    taste life

The shift in the part from device to remote is when human shifts from non aware state (trapped in mind) to his aware state (beingness), and to shift into beingness he requires going through change, by getting rid of  his beliefs, removal of his masked-faces and the cleaning of his DNA.

So who is non aware human (device)?

A person who is a zombie like, blindly following into the steps of his forefather (beliefs) and always stuck into the meaning of right and wrong, those who judge every situation on the base of the locks of his like and dislike and always intake the capsules of AGFLAP, this is person who human (device) is.

Human never can understand how he is being controlled, but question is with spoiled DNA what will happen? Sometimes his plan does not get along, so those times he faces failure. Why doesn’t his life feel he is in control?

This is the cracking point that human begins to realize that events in his life is happening against his favor, something is interfering in his synchronization with the universe, this has got himself isolated from the greater good of his beingness, he has forgotten he is Creator of his own problem.

The interference is done by society created “mind”.

Mind is thin filament of activated iniquitous thought process filter that has controlled human as a device.

The coverage of this filament is so wide that it alters with the frequency of the Universe from coming to human. This is where human fails to receive the frequency of Light of Creator. His electrical pole gets rusted and thus he is unable to conduct that energy from the ultimate source to this earth. And mind makes human its device.

Non aware human (device) will be lost if he his emotions are taken away (take away his capsules how will human survive; because he is sick of MIND) , the greatest fear to a non aware human is that what will be his reality if he does not have any beliefs to follow, human will fall into a state of limbo where he is unable to grasp the idea that he can live without his beliefs, this is how treacherous mind is.

When a human become a remote in his life?

Human become remote control when he leave his mind and he turns back to his beingness (aware state). Once the filament that is stopping the light of Creator to reach human being is removed, this is where he is connected back to Creator. Light is the language of his being. By leaving his mind, human transform into human being. All of the physical aspects of human life are sorted out by the light of Creator. Light is a source of Higher being that allows human to Control Universe. Because at that point human being is giving service to other like he pays rent on this earth. This is where human become selfless (self is in mind, no mind means naturally selfless), he becomes part of the operation of the Universe.

This is where the real task starts, human being starts to catch all of his belief that are recorded in his DNA; that are potential hazard to trap human in his mind again. The more a human DNA is emptied, the more strength is his receiver. The more he can hold the Light of Creator.

soul ears

Where the biggest loss to non aware human device is loss of his emotion similarly the loss to an aware human (remote) is when he is disconnected to Creator. There is no existence of an aware human if he is disconnected to Creator (he will only be disconnected because he’s trapped in mind, that’s when he is in non aware state)

Why is it so important to clean DNA?

Simply because mind has filled it with belief, how can light enter YOU when it is full with darkness?

Empty your Cup.


So do you want to be remained as a Controlled device or become a remote of Universe?

P.S: GRATITUDE to my father and my Uncle (barayji) and I surely miss his teaching and whatever I am is because of his knowledge what it was gifted to me (free of cost) the last 4 years ago and in the last two years I have practice all of these lesson to be what I am today. I realize my mistake and when I got LIGHT, it was too late.

©Mindmasked 2016 


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