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The Gem Stone

Let say You are a seeker, and you seek things out of life. One day a person came to you in the strangest of the place and asked you to seek a rarest gem on this earth.  He  gave you a visiting card and said “ when you find the gem give this number a

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Be-Friend with Universe: Part IV Activate Your Gut Feeling

  Activate Your Gut Feeling Everyone is capable of Gut Feeling and experience it on constant basis. However, its occurrence depends on person’s own focus and attention. Those people who focus it constantly with 100% attention, their gut-feeling works miraculously for them. On the other hand, those beings who are reluctant to accept it, no

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Be-Friend with Universe: Part III Gut Feeling

Be-Friend with Universe: Part III Gut Feeling Human’s naval point has main role in his survival. In mother’s womb, the placenta at baby’s naval connects it with mother and acts as a source of food and water from her. Therefore, in spirituality, the naval point or the gut feeling has a significant position. Monks, healers,

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