1. November 29, 2015

The mystifying part of creation of UNIVERSE is that “only two words has sum up the whole universe, nothing more.”

It is far beyond science comprehension; when clusters of steroids clashed together, it created the BIG BANG -a giant cosmic force of magnetic energy to collide together- in just result of two words “be, it is” (kun fayakun).

Now think about how much force would 3,23,670 words hold written in Quran, when two words can create clashes?

Mysteriously Surah Ahzab explains Allah Subhanatallah wanted to confer his Light(knowledge) for the mankind but there wasn’t anyone on the receiving end because when he offered his Light to be entrusted to the heaven, earth and the mountain itself; they have refused to bear its credence in fear that it is powerful enough to vanquish their existence. However it was a mere human being that holds the chalet within him to receive this abundance of Light in over a span of 23 years into his heart, now can be seen into the compiled form of the Holy Quran.

 “Indeed, we offered the Trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, and they declined to bear it and feared it; but man [undertook to] bear it.”

knowledge qoute

But question is how WE can now get a receiver to which Allah Subhanatallah can converse with us, like he communicated to Adam.

“And He taught Adam the names – all of them.”

Emphasis is on the word “taught”. It is witnessed than again that it was a Human Being (Adam) who received all the light but only when he was taught how to receive it. So even if we do get the receiver, will we be able to sustain the radiance of that light in ourselves? Because Surah Al Araf explains that Moses fainted from just seeing the Light and the mountain was turned into ashes when Allah Subhanatallah appeared.

“And when Musa came at the time and place appointed by Us, and his Lord (Allah) spoke to him; he said: “O my Lord! Show me (Yourself), that I may look upon You.” Allah said: “You cannot see Me, but look upon the mountain; if it stands still in its place then you shall see Me.” So when his Lord appeared to the mountain, He made it collapse to dust, and Musa fell down unconscious.”

This does make clear that human do not have the capability to uphold that light all by him. Just like when Angel Gabriel asked Prophet Muhammad (SAW) again and again “to read in the name of Creator”, he replied “he cannot read”. So in action Angel Gabriel had to hug him so sternly to activated that receiver -by the command of his Lord- that after that he was able to read, which clarifies that all the human beings have the eyes to hear the knowledge of Allah but it needs to be activated by someone.

This makes human like a toothless child who is unable to chew his food, but it is the greatness of his father to chew his food first for him so that he can eat it easily.

How do we get a father like this? As Hazarat Ali (R.A) said:

Every person has three fathers:

  1. Biological father
  2. Father-in-law
  3. Teacher

NOW find the MASTER who can activate your receiver so you can converse to Allah Subhanatallah directly.


ONLY when STUDENT is ready the master appears.

So if the MASTER is the glass of knowledge,who is thirsty enough to drink from him??


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  1. That’s a we-tht-oughllout answer to a challenging question

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