January 21,2016

DNA is activated by Light.

Every emotion is charged with energy that gets recorded in the human DNA, which are the base of making – memories – incidence upon which he acts further similarly in his life. These memories get settled into DNA which automatically activated those beliefs in him and after a certain age it is impossible to record anything more and it shuts off, whatever is activated will remain activated and that’s will be how a person personality shall be; for the rest of his life.

There are three basic age measure which show progress of DNA. They are as under:

  1. 0-6 age group
  2. 7-12 age group
  3. 13-18 age group

After age of 18, a person’s DNA does not get deactivated until and unless it gets STROKED by a Master.

DNA is activated by LIGHT
DNA is activated by LIGHT

The science of DNA activation is when a baby is born;

For Example: Two companions of prophet (SAW) came forward to Hazarat Ali (R.A) [fourth Caliph of Islam]  asking him to bestow their daughter with a suitable  name. When the caliph glanced at the baby, he replied to the couple with at the ‘mistakes’ they did at the night of baby-making and its can be evidently witness by the baby’s face.

He is born with both the DNA of his parents which is full of THEIR vocabulary and activated beliefs – MANY MASKED FACES – to survive the 30 years of their lives. These DNA made up a new human being and it shows they have transferred all of their knowledge in him. But until he isn’t born he does not have them in ACTIVATED state.


  • Even a one day old child when sees his parents or family members in some peculiar behavior [his father (in any case) talked in a high pitch  of voice in an anger state to any third person], that anger charged energy will automatically activate the ANGER EMOTION recorded prior in his -the baby- DNA itself. Parents never guess that the small baby have this whole mechanism of activation going inside him that is perpetually unknown to them, but is so powerful that their one action can make a lot of difference.

For example; a couple is going to get involved in a sexual act, they start tripping off sexual energies which can be felt into the environment itself. What happens is that these energies activated the Sexual DNA in all of the people present in that room unconsciously. Now when the same scenario happens in front of an infant the Prophet (SAW) has a saying about that:

“When a child turns age of two, separate his bed.”

This saying has a deeper meaning to it, that since a child have DNA activation going inside, and some where his parents are tripping those sexual energies or sexual tension can be felt in the environment, automatically the SEXUAL DNA (transferred from his parents) inside the child will get activated itself. ( this is the reason that children from the age of 9 understands more about sexuality and indulge onward in search of it when it is not a NEED of their body itself)

  • Up till the age of 6 a child is activating all of his beliefs recorded in his DNA which he picks up from his surrounding by learning from their parents and grandparents, relatives, friends and society itself.
  • After 6, he will start making his own memories, or editing the one he had before. He will start to take judgments upon all the prior information fed to him. This is the stage where a child starts to become a masked- faces person. He will learn to speak a suitable answer in front of certain people to please them and start looking good. He automatically becomes a horse in the race of society of “who is better than whom?”
  • When this child turns 13 he sees that there is a competitive edge in the society which his parents themselves encourage him to participates in by saying, “look Mr. Sohail child has scored more than you, what will I say when he ask about your marks?” or “look his parenting that his children are more obedient than mine, I have wasted my life on my children and they are useless.”. These commotions makes a child want to be seen greater than the other person and then he automatically starts to excel in putting a fake mask in the society to be an ideal person.
  • When this child turns 18, he gets so deeply settled down into masked faces that he never could have understand where he went wrong. He gets so well-practice into putting up a false identity that now it starts to become part of his life. He feels vulnerable when a person sees past his mask and thus he gets violent and irrationally when someone pin-points the exact mistake. Parents envision that it is hormonal change but they have gotten passed to the point that they do not want to show their real face to anyone.

The real reason behind failed parenting and masked-faces among every child is the unaware parent, who is so negligence to even learn about a child before he plans to have a family. He is so ignorant that he does not try to update his DNA so that he could transfer different knowledge than that of his forefathers and that the reason, they live same live again and again no different than any monkey.

Get born – search for food, mate with partner, borne children- find food for them and die.

P.S: GRATITUDE to my father and my Uncle (barayji) who embellish my personality to make me what I am today.  I surely miss moments and lessons, whatever I am is because of his knowledge the last 4 years ago. due to some reason i rejected him and now when I realize my mistake and I got LIGHT, it was too late.

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  1. Very energetic post, I liked that bit. Will there be a
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    I havenˇt checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess Iˇll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it friend 🙂

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